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Chapter Idea Fair

Mentoring, in a Different Way: Focusing on students in a specific class

Georgia Chapter

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It has increased our presence in the classroom, focusing on upperclassmen who are considering and have more specific questions about the path of club management. It has helped us open the door to begin research regarding student interest in the club management field. Our goal is that this research may be used to expand this mentoring program into entry level classes.


Through a partnership between the Ga Chapter, Georgia State University's CMAA student chapter and its advisor, this new program is being lead and implemented by those who were integral in its creation.  It began with a simple ask of the Ga Chapter membership with great response. This idea is a new avenue for GA Chapter members to connect with upper level students, to find interns, and is gaining momentum because our mentoring concept works for various areas of a club.

About the author

Allegra Johnson

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