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Mid-Management Conference

Carolinas Chapter

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Our Chapter hosted its first annual Mid-Management Conference in June of this year. We specifically invited all of our Members who are in management/supervisory positions below that of the General Manager / COO. We also welcomed this same level of management/supervisory staff of our member clubs who are not currently CMAA members.  Our speakers and topics were specifically chosen to appeal to and assist these attendees in their club jobs. This event gave us a level of education for a specific group of members that we did not previously enjoy.


We selected a Monday and Tuesday for this event as these are the days of the week that allow the highest number of managers to attend. Specific speakers and topics whose presentations pertained to this specific level of members and their club positions were engaged. Also included were two speakers who talked about personal issues such as money management and appropriate business attire. Two additional pieces of this year's experience were an in-depth tour of Carmel Country Club's new $20,000,000 clubhouse renovation and a networking party at Charlotte City Club's newly-renovated facilities. This inaugural event received rave reviews from attendees. Although we initially planned to host this event every other year, this year's was so successful that we will be scheduling a second annual Mid-Management Conference in 2022.

A special piece of this year's event was the development of a Survivor theme due to the prior year's COVID experiences.  Everyone left with a Survivor t-shirt with our own logo: Survivors: Rebound - Rebuild - Renew. A final benefit of allowing non-members to attend was that we gained new CMAA members from that group who very much enjoyed this entire experience.

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