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Chapter Idea Fair

Mindful "U" Program

Golden State Chapter

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With Monk Craig Marshall and Master Mind Rick Ladendorf, we embarked on a 26-week weekly journey with our members. The cost was borne by the Chapter, and 42 of our members enlisted. The opportunity was to gain a mindfulness mindset, a Mindfulness Certification, 28 Activity Credits, and a life-changing experience!!  Participants received from this program: -Learning how to apply mindfulness in the workplace -A weekly hour for participants to focus on personal/professional development -Tools to manage stress, drama, and conflict resolution -Collaboration opportunities with like-minded, mindful club leaders -Interactive group discussions on core issues -Education on root causes of success (purpose, vision, communication, managing people, etc.) -Input and feedback from mentors and peers -A learning platform with educational resources


We implemented this idea by hiring the Mindful U team to provide their mindfulness program to our members. We then invited up to one person from each club to participate.  This testimonial from Hale Kelly is indicative of the response from our members: The Mindful U program has helped me both professionally and personally. The lessons learned in this program have completely changed my mindset in how I approach nearly every aspect of my life. My favorite phrase came from the very first lesson… “Is it a Big Deal, or do we make it a BIG DEAL!” If someone is brave enough to look inward and be open to change in an effort to become a better leader and even more importantly a better person, then Mindful U is the program for you!

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