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Chapter Idea Fair

Monday Golf League

St. Louis District Chapter

Entry Details

Our chapter Board was looking for a way to engage our newer younger members, something outside of education and meetings.  We came up with the idea of formally offering golf on Mondays when clubs are closed.  This gives our members the opportunity to see and play other courses, and to meet other members of the chapter in a relaxing and social setting, free of charge.   This also serves to educate chapter members with regard to the competition in the local market place.  Not to mention networking for future employment.


We communicate through mostly email eblasts.  We crafted a detailed email describing the program along with a spreadsheet of the clubs who agreed to host our members.  Our YoPro Chair, Ryan Schaben along with the managing director and the host club, work together to coordinate sign ups the week before and to communicate the rules of the host club.

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