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Chapter Idea Fair

New Member Welcome Zooms


Greater Chicago and Wisconsin Badger Chapters

Entry Details

New member welcome zooms were created to immediately engage and welcome new and transfer members. The goal was to:

  • provide introductions among new members, long-time CMAA members, and chapter leaders
  • share resources available at a national and chapter level
  • demonstrate how to utilize various tools on both the national and chapter websites such as locating your credit history, how to use the chapter mobile app, registering for events and more
  • talk about engagement and the amazing networking and professional development opportunities available (You will get out of it what you put into it)
  • communicate how to get involved on committees
  • how to contact our corporate partners and the value they add to our association
  • net-giving opportunities
  • provide time for Q&A


The Managing Director and Membership Chair created a PowerPoint with the key points they wanted to cover during the one-hour session.   Several sessions were added to the calendar and zoom links were shared. Although the events are mostly meant for new and transfer members, ALL chapter members were invited so that anyone could attend to welcome and meet new members.

The sessions have been very well received. Even some long-standing CMAA members said they walked away with a greater knowledge of resources available on both a national and chapter level. New members stated they look forward to their first in-person meeting and feel as though they already have colleagues they can reach out to.

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