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Partner Vendor Show Strategy

Golden State Chapter

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At some pre-COVID Partner Vendor Shows, we noticed too many members taking a break instead of visiting the Partner Vendor Show at the assigned time. To combat this, we took the following multi-pronged approach in 2022: 1) We prep our partners and vendors for how to best engage with members. 2) We provide clean company identification at each table. 3) Members are asked to stay for the full show, and then rewarded for doing so with 4) sizable gift card drawings throughout the show and 5) generous drawings from partners and vendors at the end of the show. If they are not present, they cannot win. We keep the excitement moving for the next show's iteration by 6) providing an early bird discount and free booth drawing for partners and vendors who sign up for the next year before the end of the show. We create additional space for networking between partners, vendors, and members with our post-show luncheon open to all. This approach has enhanced our chapter by increasing vendor and member interactions at our trade shows. It seems to have increased our number of partners/vendors as well with 37 having exhibited at our 2022 iteration, making it more convenient than ever for members to meet with many of their current and prospective suppliers all in one place.


The show stayed busy throughout the whole event, and our post-conference survey resulted in high marks from the members regarding the show and the show's representation of products/services. In our post-conference survey, 3/4s of responding members said they could not think of a missing vendor or product/service. A few provided feedback for additional vendors or products/services, and this will support us in making next year's show even better.

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