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Professional Сonnection, Members Gathering in Community; TGSC’s Local Area Networks (LANs)

Golden State Chapter

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The introduction of our Local Area Networks (LANs) has significantly enriched the Golden State Chapter's offerings. These dynamic LAN Communities provide members with a professional and connected platform to engage and learn. With 10 dedicated LAN Leaders at the helm, these communities organize a variety of engaging activities throughout the year. From round tables to golf outings, approximately 40 in-person events now grace our calendar, fostering networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Notably, these LANs offer attendees valuable meeting and educational credits, creating a holistic professional development experience. This initiative has empowered members to actively shape activities, network, and elevate their professional journey, rendering our chapter more vibrant, collaborative, and member-driven.


The implementation of this idea involved designating specific LAN areas and selecting capable LAN Leaders to guide each local club manager community. These leaders have taken on the responsibility of scheduling at least one LAN meeting per quarter. To ensure effective communication, LAN Leaders receive updated member contact lists. They curate events by choosing venues, topics, and speakers for educational sessions, all while meticulously tracking attendance and submitting minutes and attendance sheets. The reaction from chapter members has been highly positive and enthusiastic. The addition of LAN Communities has filled a crucial gap, providing diverse opportunities for professional growth, networking, and learning. The engagement in LAN events has been notably high, with members valuing the chance to connect with peers and gain educational credits. The collaborative and member-driven nature of these communities has been especially appreciated, allowing members to actively contribute and shape their experience. The LANs have become a cornerstone of the Chapter's offerings, fostering a strong sense of community and advancement.

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