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Reopening in Style

Golden State Chapter

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We converted our more traditional newsletter to a flipbook with a magazine-style, image-driven design. This has enhanced our Chapter by increasing clicks by both our Members and Partners year-over-year. Since implementation, for members, clickthrough rates increased by 59% and 40%, respectively, versus the same editions the previous year. For partners, clickthrough rates increased by 46% and 20%, respectively. Additionally, making our focus more image-driven has spurred us to go to the members for additional content from their clubs and to lead with a visually appealing cover. Likewise, in conjunction with this change, we have moved our President’s Message to video format, which allows him (or her this next year) a better connection with the members versus a written letter.


The idea was implemented by having two different designers submit ideas for a more image-driven, magazine-style newsletter. One designer was chosen with whom we now work on all editions. The old newsletter publisher was offboarded. In terms of design, the TGSC Office Team keeps a finger on the pulse of current issues for clubs in our Chapter. It chooses one of those and develops an image-driven theme requesting submissions from members as appropriate. For the President’s Message, implementation was accomplished by requesting the President begin providing video messages. We then edit the raw files after being provided them by the media person at his club. And, again, as indicated by the aforementioned numbers, the reaction of the Chapter’s members (and partners) has been very positive.

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Nick Bundra

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