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Six Different Series

Golden State Chapter

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This year, we have offered six education series that together have relevance to the whole of our membership base and even to potential members who have been invited to some of the series. This is the most robust series of educations that we have ever been able to offer because of the demand for synchronous, online learning. Many members and guests have shown up week after week for each series or dropped in based on availability, whereas an in-person setup would have made most of these series untenable and would have seriously limited attendance.


The idea was implemented by considering what several education topics could together best serve the full of our membership base. Accordingly, our Education Chair, our member with the most education credits, our Managing Director, and our Chapter Office Team collaborated to develop a series for female managers, two separate series for CCMs (this, in part, to incentivize managers to prioritize getting their CCMs so that they can access such content in the future), a series for non-CCMs to empower them in career development, a membership series that relates to how the whole club should be working to grow and serve their membership base, and a lifestyle series that supports our managers in real estate finances, investment, receiving coaching, and mental health. The response to these series has been phenomenal with 95 (Women in TGSC Series), 25 (Financial Confidence Bootcamp for CCMs), 36 (Executive Series for CCMs), and 105 (Non-CCM Development Series) attending one or more of the sessions in the series we have held. The Membership Series has tracked well also, and the Lifestyle Series will occur in September. We also think that the well-roundedness of our offerings is resulting in additional memberships with us having 60 memberships through August and another 20 managers who have committed to signing up on September 1.

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