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Chapter Idea Fair

Small Town

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Virginias Chapter

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The Virginias Chapter, CMAA Board made a firm commitment to membership recruitment through a 2022 Membership recruitment drive nicknamed "Small Town." This drive called for a refocus on the outlying areas of our large geographic chapter boundaries to reach those managers serving respective clubs in small towns, rural areas and essentially smaller club properties that may not have the resources or exposure to CMAA. This strategic and targeted approach included the offering of complimentary education sessions to specific individuals identified at these properties. The Chapter leadership identified specific sessions where cost to the Chapter was lower in order to make this happen. The Chapter is currently in first place nationally at 154% of our recruitment Goal.


This idea was implemented at the Board Planning Conference in the beginning of the fiscal year. The Chapter is healthy and Chapter members are excited about the onboarding of new managers to the CMAA community.

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Kristin Fellenstein

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