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So Much More Than a Summer Internship

Greater Chicago Chapter

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The idea was to enhance student engagement within GCCMA focused on revolutionizing our internship program through immersive and educational summer tour programs. These programs were designed to cater to different styles of clubs, including yacht, city, country, athletic, and more. The tours incorporated comprehensive elements such as guided tours, educational sessions, and networking opportunities over lunch. The goal was to provide our interns with practical insights into various facets of club management and create a dynamic learning experience. This idea significantly enriched our chapter by fostering a deep sense of engagement and belonging among our interns. By immersing them in the vibrant club environments and exposing them to diverse management approaches, we expanded their horizons beyond traditional classroom learning. As a result, our interns gained a better understanding of real-world club operations and are better equipped to tackle industry challenges.


To execute this idea, we collaborated with different types of clubs to organize tailored summer tour programs. These programs were meticulously planned to include guided tours, interactive educational sessions, and valuable networking opportunities.  A strategic social media campaign was launched to promote our GCCMA student interns, creating a sense of community and recognition. To ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of the program, we introduced a follow-through initiative. This involved encouraging interns to share how their participation in the summer tour programs positively influenced their professional development and industry advancement. Moreover, we modernized the scholarship application process and successfully distributed $17,000 in scholarship funds to deserving students. The chapter's response to these efforts was overwhelmingly positive. The interns exhibited enthusiasm and active involvement in the summer events, actively engaging with managers and absorbing valuable insights. Managers dedicated their time to educate and interact with students, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The educational sessions on human resources, wellness, and communications further empowered interns with practical skills. The pinnacle of this initiative was the scholarship luncheon held in August, where scholarship winners were recognized for their achievements. Looking ahead, these scholars will be given a platform to share their experiences via video, illustrating how the scholarship money facilitated their pursuit of career goals. In conclusion, this innovative approach significantly enhanced our chapter's student engagement. By offering immersive summer tour programs, enhancing internship participation, and fostering community through partnerships, scholarships, and education, we've created a vibrant program where students thrive and club management industry connections flourish.

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Kathryn Collins

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