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So What Does Your Managing Director Do? A resource guide for Chapter Boards.


Virginias Chapter

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The Virginias Chapter, CMAA Board made a commitment to continuity with strategic planning for continuous improvement and an unmatched dedication to the members of the Virginias chapter. As defined, "The Managing Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the chapter and provides valuable consistency to overall chapter management. The Managing Director serves as a support structure and works directly with their chapter’s board of directors, committee chairmen, and the National Headquarters. This position maintains all chapter records, equipment, and keeps the chapter in excellent operating condition. Managing Directors are in charge of approving applications, processing chapter transfer forms, and performing additional administrative duties of the chapter. Since all managing director positions vary slightly, this section provides a broad overview and contains materials that will assist you with your day-day duties. If a chapter does not have a Managing Director, then these duties shall be delegated to the Chapter Secretary and/or Membership Chairman (please see respective sections)." While this is an overview and roles vary among chapters, Boards are looking for a deeper understanding of the Managing Director role. The resource guide for Chapter Boards encompasses tasking and production models of managing directors and details the sometimes unnoticed outlay of Chapter work. The resource guide for Chapter Boards pertaining to the particulars of the tasking associated with the Managing Directors position will be published in October; a valuable tool for chapter leadership.


Chapter Boards are curious and are seeking a deeper understanding of the production of Managing Directors. The Resource Guide for Chapter Boards provides just that. The guide will be published in October, highlighting the ends and outs of the Managing Directors' role. This tool will offer great support to Chapter Board leadership.

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