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Chapter Idea Fair

Social Media Outreach for Regional Conference

Most Transferable Idea Winner

Greater Cleveland Chapter

Entry Details

To promote this year’s Great Lakes Regional Conference (GLRC), hosted by the Greater Cleveland Chapter, the planning committee decided to turn to social media. Utilizing and leveraging Instagram has allowed our chapter to better promote the upcoming conference, highlight locations, and feature our speakers. We also plan to utilize Instagram during the conference to post updates, highlight live education sessions, survey participants, and to share all the fun memories.  As with the GLRC website, we hope to pass this along to our other hosting chapters to continue to use for future conferences.


We created the Instagram account in February and began with a "Save the Date" post. Once the conference schedule was solidified, we began posting about each education session, location, and speakers. We are also utilizing Later, a social media scheduler, to set up our future posts ahead of time – as we all know most managers are busy enough during the summer season. Currently, our account has 38 followers, though we hope to gain more as the momentum grows with conference coming soon.

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Amanda Wilson

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