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Golden State Chapter

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In early 2019, our managing director saw introducing the LOVE movement ( to the Chapter as an opportunity to increase camaraderie at events and to inspire members and guests to live out of love towards others when in their own contexts. We see this as a small way to remind our members and guests to live out of love, a ripple effect that we might send with them back into their clubs and into their lives outside of the club world.  Our board supports the effort so much that it has made LOVE our Chapter vision. They talk about LOVE, the LOVE pins, and the LOVE banner at most events. They work to govern in a way that reflects the LOVE acronym Chapter vision: Leadership, Outreach, Vibrancy, and Excellence.


One of the Chapter leaders is assigned to give each attendee a LOVE button at each of our four golf tournaments and two conferences, which means we give as many as 700 LOVE buttons out each year. The person handing them out will say something to the effect of “As you place this pin on your collar, please send LOVE, peace, and harmony out into this incredible world.”  We started this program in early 2019, so we are now in the fourth year of practice with this effort. Members now expect the LOVE buttons at events, collecting all the colors and even knowing which one they might bring home to a loved one after the event.

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