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Strategic Goals for Success

Virginias Chapter

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The Virginias Chapter, CMAA Board made a firm commitment to planning through a 2022 Goals and Action plan for the Chapter to best serve and provide leadership continuity. In addition to this commitment, the Board set a goal to Win Chapter of the Year. Lofty, maybe, but this commitment to excellence has guided the Chapter leadership throughout the year, bringing Board members together, working even harder to serve the members of the Chapter.  This commitment to excellence along with a continued strong commitment to policies and processes has proven to be beneficial to the Chapter's continued success.


This strategic and specific goal was set at the Board Planning Conference at the beginning of our fiscal year. It has been a carried theme throughout the year in each planning session and is referenced in each offering to our Chapter. The Chapter has taken notice of the Board's commitment to excellence and commented that their participation and motivation is second to none.

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Kristin Fellenstein

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