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Summer Conference

Carolinas Chapter

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The Carolinas Chapter's 2021 Summer Conference was our first in-person Chapter-wide event since January 2020. For this reason, our Board chose to include as much education and, most importantly, as much networking and opportunities for our members to interact with each other as possible. The Carolinas Chapter members feel that they are part of a family of caring peers, not simply professional colleagues. This Conference reinforced this feeling after 18 months of virtual interaction.


To accomplish this goal, we included events at four different clubs over the Conference's three days so that attendees could enjoy the amenities at as many of our facilities as possible.  Additionally, we endeavored to include as many speakers and topics as we could to reinforce the needs of our members post-pandemic, both personally and professionally. We also followed CMAA's new Diversity-Equity-Inclusion initiative by bringing in a keynote speaker on this topic. The attendees responded extremely positively to these offerings and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to interact with each other. We always take a survey of attendees after Chapter events, and almost all of the sessions and events of this Conference earned primarily "Excellent" ratings. As always, we based our planning decisions and selections on CMAA's tag line for 2021:  Adapt. Evolve. Improve.

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