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Summer Intern Event: The Bretton Woods Experience

National Capital Chapter

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Each year the National Capital Chapter’s Student Development Committee puts on a series of five or six events to engage our summer interns, Mangers In Training (MITs) and their managers. These events are geared towards educating the attendees, but more importantly, building relationships. Many interns and new managers come to the area without knowing anyone, so as a chapter, it is our goal to connect them with their peers so they make friends for the summer and beyond.

Our Bretton Woods Experience takes this up a level. Bretton Woods Recreation Center has a team building and ropes course, which generates bonds between participants in a different way. It pushes attendees out of their comfort zone and improves their communication and leadership skills, creating lasting trust and friendships.

This year we were thrilled to welcome 21 attendees: interns, new managers, and managers visiting from outside of the Chapter! Each enjoyed their time and shared that it enhanced their summer experience. Managers and interns alike commented that this event helped them understand and get to know each other better so the work they did at their clubs was even more productive and successful. We were pleased to showcase a unique club in our chapter and to bring individuals together for a meaningful experience.


The Student Development Committee Chair reached out to active members of NCCMA to see what Clubs would be willing to host an event especially in such a unique year.  Bretton Woods had recently hired a Director of Adventure and Team Building and built an amazing facility for team bonding and ropes activities. The General Manager and the Chair created an event full of team building, leadership activities and ropes fun! Our Student Development Chair and Managing Director worked together to put together the marketing emails. Invites went out to all National Capital Chapter members, their interns and managers visiting from other chapters.

The event was hosted on Monday, June 21, 2021 from 1-4 pm. The Student Development Committee Chair welcomed all attendees and everyone introduced themselves over lunch. We had 21 managers and interns in attendance. The Bretton Woods General Manager and Clubhouse Manager shared a brief overview of their background, club history, membership, club culture, why members join the club, what amenities the club offers and what makes the club special and different from other clubs and gave a tour of the facilities. The Director of Adventure and Team Building then introduced himself and the amazing team building facility. His team then facilitated a teamwork and communications exercise called “Think Tank”, showing the importance of clearly and concisely communicating while under pressure. The group participated in ziplining and cheered each other on during the process. This pushed some out of their comfort zone, so it was a great bonding activity as some helped others conquer their fears. After the scheduled programming ended, attendees were welcomed to stay and play tennis, golf or use the pool. This provided extra time to network with one another. It was a fun day and a great time was had by all!

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