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Tap Program

New Jersey Chapter

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The Tap Program is a New Jersey Club Foundation program offering financial assistance to those NJCMA Chapter Club employees who do not receive reimbursement from their club for education classes, and whose classes pertain to their current job and career enhancement.

Criteria for applying for TAP reimbursement is listed below.

  • The applicant must be an employee who does not receive reimbursement for education
  • Employee must have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours in the past year;
  • Coursework must be work-related; classes must be deemed pertinent to the employees
    work at the Club by the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Committee;
  • Eligible classes are those that enhance job performance and/or lead to a better job opportunity at that Club;
  • Tuition Assistance is awarded in advance of or during course work; completed courses do not qualify;
  • Students awarded NJCF Scholarship monies are not eligible to apply for the TAP within one year of being awarded a scholarship.
  • Grants are not provided as a means to offset tuition expenses incurred while pursuing an Associate, Bachelors, or Master’s degree
    Other Information:
  • Each Club may receive up to $3,000 in grants per calendar year; grants are applied in the year that the course is taken. In the case of an overlap in the year (i.e. from 12/15 to 1/15), the grant is documented in the year the course begins, not when it ends;
  • The same person can receive two grants in the same year;
  • The New Jersey Chapter provides funding for a maximum of $15,000 per year;
  • Grants are generally paid directly to the educational institution.

The TAP Program has provided invaluable continued education for valuable club employees who are not members of the CMAA. The New Jersey Club Foundation provides funds to cover the cost associated with continued learning programs. It also opens up the door to club employees seeking more club management educational opportunities to attend CMAA related educational sessions.


The chapter was looking for ways to provide education to club employees who are not involved with the Club Management Association America and who didn’t receive educational reimbursement. Sending club employees for continued education helps the individual grow within their career path. Chapter members take advantage of the program as they offer current employees valuable continued learning opportunities. I have personally taken advantage of the program in recent years. It’s very rewarding to see the employees reaction when you offer to send them for continued learning sessions. There is an improved sense of trust in the employee manager relationship when they know that you want them to grow and continue learning. I have seen many team members get promotions within our organization and I believe the TAP program has been an important part in their continued development.

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