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The Visionary Project

Connecticut Chapter

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Many positives can derive from crisis…This is the message that the Connecticut Chapter communicated in The Visionary Project.

In early April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Connecticut, Club managers were faced with the difficult task of having to visualize and execute the safe reopening of their Clubs. The Connecticut Chapter accepted this challenge head-on by unifying brilliant team members to join forces and create new protocols and S.O.P.s to begin the process of welcoming back their members. A team of 37 neighboring Club managers teamed up, confronting a fluid global environment, to produce a relevant document that has withstood the test of time.

Despite the seeming impossibilities of the environment, by early May the team delivered, by giving confidence to the unknown and presenting The Visionary Project. This comprehensive 130 page document, covered 19 sectors of club operations with 78 S.O.P.s, for protocols of sanitation and best practices across each sector of Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, and Country Clubs. The broad scope of the project addressed everything from clubhouse operations to facilities, such as guest rooms, shooting ranges, fitness centers and sailing. The Visionary Project was posted on the public side of the Chapter Website to provide all clubs reopening guidance and an official reference for every department to safely re-open.

Additionally, the collaboration amongst the team members built new relationships with neighboring club peers, and offered an opportunity to connect during a time of isolation and uncertainty. The spirit, unity and collaborative voice of the Connecticut Chapter was heard nationally through The Visionary Project.


Initial contact was made with Club General Managers, outlining the project and identifying its vision and goal. This accompanied a request for team participants; preferably, a front-of-house and back-of-house manager which included: AGMs, Chefs, Clubhouse Managers and Catering Directors.

Email invitations to a virtual introductory meeting were sent to the participants. Two teams were formed and team leaders were appointed. The teams then identified business sectors within the club environment that required safety S.O.P.s and protocols. Teams collaborated to virtually craft back to business protocols offering members confidence to safely return to their clubs.

Team leaders crafted a comprehensive document and Flipbook including charts, models and images which were shared with The Connecticut Chapter, CMAA and allied associations.

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