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TIPS Training

Virginias Chapter

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The Chapter was able to offer a Chapter TIPS training by utilizing a certified TIPS instructor from our Chapter. This was offered as a service to the Chapter and offered for a nominal fee of $20 per person to cover course books. This is especially nice to our small clubs who need their staff members to undergo this alcohol training, but have limited resources. This is a way to bring the Chapter together, clubs big and small and train our front line employees.


Andrew serves as the Beverage Manager for Farmington Country Club and is a certified TIPS Instructor. The Chapter held a TIPS training session on Monday, August 17 at Salisbury Country Club at 1:00 PM as a service to our Chapter membership.

The cost per attendee is $20.

Andrew will instruct the course for any Virginias Chapter Member or sponsored guest (club employee). Course books were provided to participants.

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