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Chapter Idea Fair

Women in Club Management

Greater Chicago Chapter

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Our innovative initiative within the Women in Club Management category aimed to cultivate a vibrant sense of community and engagement among female members. We introduced a unique event named "Pumpkins and Paddles" that seamlessly blends education, camaraderie, and recreation. This event was hosted at the beautiful River Forest Country Club, which had recently completed a paddle construction project. The primary objective was to provide a relaxed yet interactive platform for women in club management to connect, learn, and enjoy themselves. The "Pumpkins and Paddles" event elevated our chapter by significantly enhancing member engagement and fostering a strong bond among women professionals. By organizing an educational session on best practices in paddle sports, conducted by the club's racquet professional, we not only provided valuable insights but also tapped into the spirit of learning in a casual setting. Despite the rain, the participants enthusiastically took part in on-court instruction and paddle sports activities. The event was complemented by cocktails, appetizers, and a warm atmosphere of camaraderie.


The execution of this idea involved strategic planning and collaboration. The event took place at River Forest Country Club, which provided a picturesque backdrop for the activities. The educational component was well-curated, featuring an informative session on best practices in paddle sports. The expertise of the club's racquet professional added credibility and value to the session. Despite the weather challenges, the attendees displayed remarkable enthusiasm, participating in on-court instructions and paddle sports despite the rain. The heartening reaction of our chapter members exceeded expectations. The interactive and laid-back format of the event allowed attendees to connect with fellow female professionals on a more personal level. The educational component enriched their knowledge and skills. The informal setting facilitated networking, fostering new relationships, and strengthening existing ones. The combination of physical activities, learning, and socializing created a memorable and fulfilling day. The response from our female members was overwhelming, with many expressing their excitement and satisfaction with the event. They not only valued the knowledge gained but also the opportunity to relax and have fun. The success of the "Pumpkins and Paddles" event was evident through the immediate request for similar events in the future. While our chapter is known for its informative speakers and luncheons, this interactive and casual session struck a chord, providing a unique dimension to member engagement. Our "Pumpkins and Paddles" event has significantly enhanced our chapter by providing a fresh and engaging way for women in club management to connect, learn, and enjoy each other's company. This innovative approach has enriched the chapter's sense of community and camaraderie while providing a memorable experience that members eagerly look forward to.

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