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Chapter Idea Fair

Women in Club Management


Carolinas Chapter

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This initiative has brought recognition to all of our members that women in club management face different situations and obstacles than the men traditionally encounter. Many of our members have wanted to be involved in the group discussions that we have hosted thus far in order to better understand and help others and themselves deal with these issues.  Furthermore, we have developed a Mentorship Program for the young women in club management as a result of this initiative, and this program can easily be translated into a mentorship program for all young managers.


Three of our experienced female managers formed an advisory group consisting of female managers of all ages and experience.  This group helped to create the program we now have in place, based on their own experiences. The topics for our group discussions thus far have been based on these ideas.  Our members have very much appreciated the development of this program - the women because they can benefit from the discussions and mentors, and the men because they can better understand what women in club management experience that is different from their own experiences.

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Patricia Calder

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