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Chapter Idea Fair

YoPros at Tactical 88

Nebraska Chapter

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Although we are a small chapter, we have seen a steady increase of younger, YoPro members. While they have been great at attending our regular chapter meetings and events, our board named a YoPro chair to help develop programming just for them; a space focused on two items, networking and providing education that was FUN inspired. This has enhanced our chapter by providing a niche for these aspiring professionals, while ensuring we meet the needs of every level of member within our chapter.


Our inaugural event was held at Tactical 88, a shooting range that teaches both safety and skill. The venue provided an instructor who led a class on what to do should a shooter be on the property or enter the clubhouse. Following instruction, our YoPros were able to put their skills to the test by "securing a room". Next on the agenda was hitting the range, where range officers helped teach safe shooter techniques and our members were able to take a turn and network with each other.

YoPros enjoyed this event, especially the open time in the range and we received very positive feedback.

This event provided both a unique educational experience, but a practical opportunity to learn should the unthinkable happen at their respective facilities. Fellow chapters could locate a local shooting range to replicate the event, and help ensure their members are equipped with life saving skills.

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