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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Golden State Chapter

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In 2020, we began to track engagement very thoroughly so we could see year-over-year trends and identify what events have been successful and, more importantly, whether we are getting a wide swath of membership to engage with Chapter events. Tracking attendance numbers at each event and tracking the percentage of members who engage with the Chapter at least once throughout the year lets us know where we have opportunities to improve. With these numbers in hand, we are working to diversify engagement opportunities and to continue to enhance certain successful efforts (e.g., webinar series, regional golf tournaments, mentorship program).


To implement this idea, after each month-end, we divide the number of people who have engaged with the Chapter since the beginning of the calendar year (i.e., are participating in the mentorship program or have attended an in-person or virtual Chapter event). In the wake of the hit to in-person events from COVID, we are working to see how we might continue to reinvent virtual and in-person events. Because we have the numbers, our Education Committee and planning teams have a better understanding of expected and actual engagement across the membership and at specific events. Likewise, having the numbers and knowing who is specifically engaged or not allows us to reach out with surveys both to all members and unengaged members to see how we can better serve everyone in our Chapter.

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