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How Do You Know When It Is Time to Connect with Your Coach?

You might be thinking “Why would I need to connect with a coach?” and secondly” I don’t even have one.”

Let me start with the second point first. If you are a member of CMAA you have a coach. In fact, you have two. My name is Kevin MacDonald and my business partner is Shelley MacDougall. We are your coaches whether you call on us or not and it is possible that many members are not aware of that.

In 2003, I was asked to set up a program that would allow every member of CMAA to have access to coaching as a benefit of their membership. I think that might have been groundbreaking for an association back then, but I am not aware of many associations that provide that to their members now.

If you are new to CMAA and didn’t know you had this benefit, now you know. Although we communicate it often and in many ways, we are sure that there are many members who have been in CMAA for years and either are not aware of it or if they are aware they are not sure how it applies to them.

Now that we have established the fact that you have access to a coach, how do you know when it is time to connect with your coach?


When You Are in a Time of Transition

When the coaching program started those many years ago it was in large part to provide a service to leaders who had lost their job. It was my privilege at that time to be with someone as they were in that transition and support them in finding not just another opportunity but the one that fit them.

The loss of a job is a transition. Graduating from college and getting your first job is a transition. Retiring from your career is a transition. Moving from one job to another or one position to another is a transition. Moving from single to married or married to single is a transition. Moving from one career to another is a transition. I could list more but the point is that our lives are full of transitions. Our ability to handle life’s transitions will have a direct correlation to the happiness and fulfillment in our lives. There is no question that people can handle these transitions on their own and in their own way but if you can have someone who can support you in navigating the transition more effortlessly, why wouldn’t you?


When You Want a Creative Place to Think Out Loud

In our industry we have so many creative people who sometime just need someone other than the people they normally think with to think out loud and create. Their coach can ask questions that no one else is asking. They can speak, and think in a confidential, creative space. They can use it as a place to think differently than they have thought before.


When You Are Dreaming and Planning

Some people do not see themselves as creative. They haven’t had a lot of practice or experience with dreaming or planning. Many have had a lot of experience in being told what to do and working with a coach is a great place to develop those skills. We find that the people who are very skilled in dreaming and planning are often the ones who want to work with us to take that to another level. We often say that success is knowing what you want and knowing how to ask for it. We find that can support people on getting crystal clear on what they want and then getting clear on how to get there.


When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

People often find the time to call their coach is when they are overwhelmed. Lately we have been hearing the sentiment that people don’t know if they want to continue working more, sacrificing more for a diminishing amount of appreciation. When you are feeling overwhelmed you can begin to feel that you are losing yourself. That is one thing you cannot afford to do. If you have one nostril above the surface it is no time to be too proud to ask for help.


When You Want to Bring Out Your Best

Most people that work with us are doing so because they want to operate at their best. The people who truly want to do their best don’t just want that for their job or their career. They want that for their partner, their children, their friends, their health, and their passions. They want to be their best in all parts of their lives. Years ago, we introduced the concept of giving your best vs. your all. There is a trap in this industry that to succeed and make people happy you can give more and more and more of yourself. The reality is that you can give so much that you are not giving your best but rather something much less than your best. Perhaps you can work with your coach to identify what your best is and how to deliver that.


When You Want to Get to Wherever You Are Going Quicker

Your coach can help you identify your gifts that differentiate you and accelerate you. Your coach can help you see some of your blind spots and obstacles that are slowing you down. We sometimes find that people think the journey has more value if it has been difficult. It is ok to make things less difficult.



Anytime is a good time to have someone else who is there to support you. Anytime is a good time to decide to experience a coaching session. Anytime is a good time to raise your game.


Now that you know you have access to coaching, it might be time to connect with your coach!

Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall are the coaches for CMAA. If you would like to book a session with either of them you can call 1-866-822-3481 toll free.

Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall are the coaches for CMAA. CMAA offers coaching as a benefit of membership. To set up a coaching session you can call 1-866-822-3481 toll free.

About the author

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald founded Clarity Success Coaching in 2000. Kevin is deeply passionate about his work with his clients and loves living on purpose to assist those he works with to elevate their lives and live to their fullest potential. Kevin MacDonald is a Coach and Facilitator, a Communicator and a Storyteller. As a Coach he initiates action from within the people he touches. Kevin believes that knowing who you are is critical to your success. Kevin's business and management background combined with his exceptional Coaching skills make him an asset in any people development initiative.

Kevin is a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of Teresia LaRocque Coaching and Associates Abundant Practice Program. Kevin has received his Coach training from Coach U. Before he began coaching he spent over 20 years as a manager in the hospitality industry. His focus now as a coach is to inspire his clients and help them lean the skills in that they can use to change their lives. Kevin empowers his clients so that they can take the actions that will start to change their behavior so they begin see the results they are wanting in life.

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