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Credit Reporting Policy

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The World Conference

Join club management professionals from the US and around the world for the club industry’s largest annual gathering, CMAA’s World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo. This annual event offers five days of unparalleled professional development and education, networking opportunities, hospitality experiences, and the latest innovations in the industry showcased in the two-day expo.

The Club Business Expo

The two-day Club Business Expo is one of the hospitality industry’s fastest growing shows. Explore the products and services offered by more than 250 companies showcasing industry leading trends and innovations. Nearly every product and service that a club management professional could purchase for his or her club is showcased in the Expo. Meet face to face to discuss potential purchases. Take advantage of the interactive areas throughout the hall as well as the featured Clubhouse Live programming.



Pre-Conference Workshops offers full- and half-day immersive experiences on select club management topics, and six CMI Education Credits.



Join Us at the St. Francis Yacht Club and More!


Featured Speakers

Opening Business Session

Isaac Lidsky

Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

General Education Session

Curt Cronin

Navy SEAL and
Leadership Expert

Awards & Education Session

Cat Cora

First Female Iron Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality, Author and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Closing Business Session

Chip Conley

Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy


7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Conference Registration

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11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Manager Education

The Yin and the Yang of the ADA: Can We Find a Balance?
Stephen Barth, J.D.,, and Jan Garrett, Pacific ADA Center
Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences

It has now been more than 25 years since the American’s with Disabilities Act was enacted; despite some headway in employment opportunities, and much improved accessibility for people with disabilities, resistance and misunderstandings still exist. This lively discussion, facilitated by Stephen Barth, between an expert on ADA information and an experienced club manager will explore the most frequent challenges faced by clubs, and attempt to identify workable solutions for all stakeholders.

Club Brands: Why Different Is Better Than Better
Shannon Herschbach and Michael Phelps, Pipeline Golf Marketing 
Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences

Great brands know a secret: You don’t have to be better than your competition. But you do need to be different. To stand out in today’s competitive and distracted environment, clubs must be able to identify and clearly articulate what makes them different. Strengths are expected. After a decade of working with private club brands, we’ve learned that it’s the tiny differences that make a club impossible to resist, and attract the right members. Often, these "brandable chunks" are hiding in plain sight!

Attendees will learn how to use their club’s built-in specialties to enhance their branding and marketing messages, establish a clear position in the marketplace, and increase their perceived value.

Agronomy for Dummies: What You Need to Know. Become More Knowledgeable in the Committee and Board Room
Christopher Wyles, CCM, CCE, Bald Peak Colony Club 
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

This session will enhance your vocabulary and understanding of what your superintendents are doing on your golf course. Turf knowledge will also help to enhance communication between the Green and Grounds Committee, Golf Committee, Board, and members.

Research Session
Sarah Bal, CMAA 

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.
Manager Education

Government Matters: 2018 Update
Brad Steele, National Club Association (NCA)
Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences

We all scratch our heads and sigh when thinking about the decisions being made by politicians in Washington, DC. The legislative process is often slow and its impact seems remote. Unfortunately, the policies put in place in our nation’s capital can have a significant bearing on your club’s success

As the voice of the private club industry, NCA is actively engaged in protecting and defending the interests of private clubs with leaders in Washington. This presentation will provide an insider’s guide to what’s going on in Congress and how those on Capitol Hill are directly affecting your club’s day-to-day operations.

Gender Neutral Marketing: A Business Opportunity of the 21st Century
Sandy Cross, PGA of America 
Competency Area: Membership & Marketing

The golf industry has labored incessantly with marginal success to capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of women consumers through women-centric marketing. What if we didn’t tailor our marketing to women? Or, to men? What if we leveraged the power of gender-neutral marketing instead? This provocative session will peel back the layers of an age-old approach that may very well be the answer to capturing maximum market share.

A Formula for Success for Your Club Committees - Infusing Organization, Purpose, and Motivation
Kathleen O'Neal, Club, Resort & Hospitality Consulting, LLC 
Competency Area: Club Governance

This interactive, informative session will focus on the inner workings of club committees - using membership committees as the primary focus. Managers can expect to hear best practices gleaned from some of the most successful private clubs on how they keep their committees productive; choose the best candidates for service; track results and provide motivation and recognition. Managers will take away specific tools to customize and use for their committees, including nomination forms for committee candidates; commitment forms for those chosen and a sample mission statement. The good, the bad, and the ugly of committees and general mangers’ advice in dealing with them will be explored.

H-2B and J-1 Seasonal Visa Issues and Answers: An Immigration Law Update for Clubs from Coast to Coast
Keith Pabian, Pabian Law ,  Gregory Osborn, Country Club of Naples 
Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences

For years, many clubs have relied upon J-1 and H-2B visas to get through their busy times of year. In recent months, there has been much discussion by the administration about J-1 visas and there has been talk about the government doing away with J-1 visas for hospitality altogether. On the H-2B end, not only has the government run out of visas for private clubs, but there has been a recent uptick in denials for clubs around the United States. These issues, combined with low unemployment, have left many clubs scrambling to find qualified and reliable staff.

Attorney Keith Pabian will present on best practices and tips for private clubs to make H-2B visa petitions a stress-free option that can turn your staffing troubles into a great staffing strategy. This workshop will also discuss visa options for hospitality organizations, including the H-2B seasonal visa, the future of J-1 visas, and year-round visa options with an eye toward understanding what the future will hold for these options under the Trump administration. Keith will also discuss generally the current developments in immigration law.

Aquatics Safety Session
Carlos W. Cook, MCM, CCE, North Hills Club 
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

Join C.W. Cook, MCM, CCE, as he shares who is most at risk in the water and the reason why they are. Contributing factors as to why people are risks in the water will be discussed in addition to solutions and remedies to help mitigate these risks. Best practices will also be shared.
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Manager Education

Enhance Your Presentation Effectiveness
Stephen Barth, J.D.,
Competency Area: Interpersonal Skills

Conquer the crowd with your presentation skills. Learn practical methods in this interactive seminar guaranteed to enhance the impact of your presentations. Everyone at one time or another has to make presentations to the board, upper management, their peers, or their employees. No matter the audience, the goal of all presentations is to get the point across. With that in mind, Stephen introduces easy to use techniques that take you to the next level and allow you to begin making a real impact through effective communication techniques in your speaking and presentations.

All Things Junior Golf: Building a World Class Program
Andy Miller, PGA, LedgeRock Golf Club 
Competency Areas: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management; Membership & Marketing

What is the key to building a world class junior golf program? Andy Miller, PGA, thinks he figured it out! Learn how to create new golfers and move them up the ladder of engagement. After all, they are all potential future club members.

The Experience Economy - Opportunities for Private Clubs
Shannon Herschbach and Michael Phelps, Pipeline Golf Marketing 
Competency Area: Membership & Marketing

The millennial generation is buying fewer things, but more experiences. Materialism is on the decline as the digital age is fueling real demand for togetherness, entertainment, and relationships; intangibles that private clubs are well-suited to serve

This presentation examines important customer experience trends across a number of companies including Starbucks, Amazon, and Disney to reveal insights relevant for private club membership recruitment and retention efforts. We’ll also introduce a proven customer experience framework and identify private club experiential touch points that are ripe for enhancement; including some quick wins clubs can easily implement to get in step with the Experience Economy.

Private Club Status: To Be or Not to Be… a Truly Private Club
Michelle Tanzer, Gray-Robinson, P.A. 
Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences

The law makes a distinction between clubs that operate exclusively for the benefit of their members (“truly private”) and those that are, in actuality, public accommodations. This session addresses what it means to be a truly private club, how the analysis differs from qualifying as a 501(c)7, and various risks and benefits of being a public accommodation versus a truly private club.

Disaster Planning Panel
Moderator: Bobby Crifasi, CCM, CCE, Panelists: C.J. "Joe" Bendy Jr., CCM, CCE, River Oaks Country Club; Paul Cadieux, CCM, Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto; Michael Leemhuis, CCM, CCE, Ocean Reef Club 

3:15 – 4:45 p.m.
Manager Education

The New Thinking in Facility Design
William McMahon, Sr. and William McMahon, Jr., The McMahon Group
Competency Area: Facilities Management

Today's country clubs are the result of years of evolution where one by one, activities were indiscriminately added as they became popular. It started with golf and a small clubhouse. Then came tennis followed by swimming. Next we added fitness, paddle tennis, and greatly expanded clubhouses. But little was coordinated, and today our typical country club facility is composed of isolated silos of activities where each recreation activity has its own location with little to no interrelationship with one another. Facilities are isolating members. The result is a club facility design which promotes separation of each member activity group. This session shows how to create the new unifying recreation facilities that clubs will need in the 21st century.

Is It Time To Take Charge of Your Golf Department?
Mitchell L. Stump CPA, PA, Club Book Series, and Marcus King, CCM, CCE, PGA, Overlake Golf & Country Club 
Competency Areas: Membership & Marketing; Accounting

Is your golf department a profit center or a membership marketing tool? Why did the club industry decide it was more important to hire golf professionals to be merchandisers, tournament directors, greeters, and sellers of golf lessons, instead of gratuitously assisting members with their golf games as a club amenity? Who is responsible for golf professionals being inside the golf pro shop when members are outside working on their golf games? Do your club members look great playing in your club tournaments while their golf games stink? Take a fresh look at your golf department’s activities from a member amenity perspective.

Session from the Young Professionals Special Interest Group
James M. Reisig, Union Club of NY 
Competency Area: Interpersonal Skills

No More Secrets – Sexual Harassment in The Workplace
Aisha Thompkins, M.S., Insperity  
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

In this session, Aisha Thompkins, M.S. will share statistics related to claims and allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace and how the launch of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have and will continue to impact employers. Along with statistical and industry specific information, the presenter will share anecdotes of sexual harassment cases that she has worked on and helped her clients to resolve. The session will provide organizational best practices for mitigating and reducing liabilities associated with sexual harassment claims and also provide steps on how those in leadership should handle reports or complaints of sexual harassment.
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Student Networking Event *
This event is a ticketed event and requires separate registration.

This social event is designed to give students the chance to network with each other at the start of their Conference experience. The California Polytechnic State University and San Francisco State University Student Chapters have been selected as this year’s student chap-ter hosts for the event and will welcome all students and facilitate the planned icebreaker.
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Opening Business Session
Isaac Lidsky

Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

As profiled in Inc. Magazine, “Isaac Lidsky may possess the most eclectic resume in business. Over the years, he has been a child television star (he played series regular “Weasel” on NBC’s “Saved By The Bell: The New Class”), a Supreme Court clerk (for Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and the co-founder of an internet startup. More recently, Lidsky has used his gift for logistics to build one of the fastest-growing construction businesses, transforming an unsophisticated $11 million concrete subcontractor that was hemorrhaging money into an industry-leading $150 million construction services company—in 5 years.” Isaac is a New York Times best-selling author, published in 2017. Attend the Opening Business Session, and learn how to recognize opportunities in a world that can’t see clearly.

10:15 – 11:45 a.m.
Manager Education

Married to Clubdom
Moderators: Tom Wallace, Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace, Eric and Leigh Dietz, Christa and Leo Evans, Gregg and Elaine Patterson
Competency Areas: Human & Professional Resources; Leadership

This sixty-minute panel discussion would include Gregg and Elaine Patterson and Eric and Leigh Dietz who will discuss the challenges that being a General Manager/COO have when it comes to marital and family concerns. The “life balance” issues will be discussed not only from the general manager’s point of view but also from the spouse’s point of view.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
Traci Brown, Traci Brown, Inc. 
Competency Area: Interpersonal Skills

Can you tell when someone is lying? Let body language expert Traci Brown show you how. Are you winning the game of Two Truths and a Lie? You play every day and don’t even know it. Win the game with your clients, boss, team, and prospects to dramatically improve your bottom line and detect fraud before it happens.

Do they really like your proposal? Do they like the job you did? Are they telling you the truth about their budget? Are they telling you all of their needs? Has your interviewee inflated his résumé? Are they really who they say they are in the first place?

And most importantly, did your kids eat those donuts … or did the dog?

In this fast paced session, you’ll learn how to use Traci’s system to separate the lies from the truth in today’s headlines and in your own life.

Round Table: Advanced Issues in Employee Theft and Fraud
Ned McCrory, CPA, CGMA, Batchelor Frechette McCrory Michael & Company; Robyn Nordin Stowell, Sherman & Howard L.L.C.; and Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE, Ballantyne Country Club 
Competency Area: Accounting & Financial Management

Join experienced professionals Ned McCrory (CPA), Robyn Nordin Stowell (attorney), and Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE (club manager) for an update on the latest actual cases, research, and steps to avoid your club being a victim. Bring your own questions and stories for live suggestions on procedures, operations, reporting, and other steps to keep the club safe.

Construction Management Session
Moderator: Tony D’Errico, CCM, CCE, Quail West Golf & Country Club 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

Helping Leaders Fly
James Cooke, James Cook Enterprises 
Competency Area: Leadership

Leadership and management are all about directed change – being clear about priorities, getting buy-in from your team, being passionate, being the best at what you do, and paying your way. Doing this is not so easy. This workshop is for real: you will produce your outline plan, and you will start to fly. James Cooke will be there not just for the workshop but throughout Saturday as an available coach and strategic helper.
10:15 – 12:45 p.m.
Student Sessions and Achievement Lunch
Esteemed leaders of CMAA and members of the National staff will welcome students to Conference at this achieve-ment lunch. Chapter and individual achievements will be showcased during the awards presentation. Winners of the Club of the Future Award Program, Student Chapter of the Year, and Joe Perdue Scholarship recipients will be recognized.
Curt Cronin

Navy SEAL and
Leadership Expert

Over his 16-year-long career as a Navy SEAL, Curt Cronin deployed thirteen times and spent more than four years overseas. In that time, living and working in an environment where milliseconds made the difference between life and death and winning and losing, he honed his talent as a catalyst for transformation and rose to eventually lead the nation’s premier SEAL assault force. As a SEAL leader, he maximized his team’s effectiveness by forging unique and unlikely alliances. He transformed an offensive unit of Navy SEALs into a defensive Presidential protection unit in the midst of combat and single-handedly created the model for multi-disciplinary counter-terrorism operations out of a widely disparate patchwork of organizations as part of an Embassy team in the Middle East. Curt’s experiences as a SEAL reinforced his fundamental belief that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information, but the unparalleled power of an aligned team. Curt addresses the art of leadership, organizational change for the information age, and the talent of harnessing your own courage and heroism to inspire and empower individuals and teams.

In addition to his combat experience, Curt is an entrepreneur and innovator. Currently CEO of Kaizen International, he previously co-founded Mastery Technologies, Inc., a global talent solutions firm. He began his entrepreneurial career with General Stan McChrystal and the McChrystal Group, where he served as a managing partner in transformational consulting for two years with companies including AOL and Hewlett-Packard.

Curt received his MBA at combined programs from the London School of Economics, New York University’s Stern School of Business, and the HEC School of Management in Paris. Curt graduated fifth in his class from the United States Naval Academy, and has been awarded the Bronze Star with Valor, Bronze Star medal, and three Distinguished Meritorious Service Medals.

2:15 – 3:45 p.m.
Manager Education

Alice Training Institute
Competency Area: Facilities Management

The purpose of advanced ALICE training is to educate local and school-based law enforcement, as well as church, hospital, and workplace administrators and safety professionals about our researched-based, proactive response approach to Violent Intruder events. The ALICE training program is designed to supplement current “Lock-down” or “Secure-in-Place” procedures used frequently in our public schools and institutions. Tragic historic events have dictated the need of enhanced response options to increase chances of surviving a horrific event.

Round Table: Advanced Issues in Member Discipline
Robyn Nordin Stowell, Sherman & Howard L.L.C.  
Competency Area: Club Governance

Robyn Nordin Stowell has edutained us with true stories of club “drug, sex, and rock-n-roll.” This year, she is back to hear your stories and explain what you did right and wrong, answer your questions about your club’s process, and update you on what other clubs are seeing in member bad behavior. She will remind us all the basic requirements of member discipline and bring new stories that demonstrate what clubs must do, must not do, and what they are still doing wrong anyway.

Heading the Table – Creating Better Restaurant Managers
Jen Burgess, Plus One Hospitality 
Competency Area: Food & Beverage Management

As food & beverage becomes a more integral component of the luxury service industry, we depend more on our F&B leaders to drive key decisions in managing our brands, businesses, and guests. However, we often provide them with very minimal skills, preparation, and support to do so. As a result, many lack the expertise to implement consistent and comprehensive training programs, the maturity and courage to manage difficult guests/members, the ability to prioritize and thus complete projects, and the acumen to make sound business decisions.

This program aims to identify the common challenges and shortcomings of our F&B Leadership teams and operations; as a result, it will provide them with improved foundational skills to train and direct their staff, assess their priorities and effectively manage their time, set clear parameters for reasonable guest behavior, and take better ownership of their top and bottom lines.

Talks on Careers
Dick Kopplin, Kurt Kuebler, CCM, and Tom Wallace, CCM, CCE, Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace 
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

This 90-minute discussion will present three different view-points on the best strategies for creating and advancing your career in club management. Dick, Kurt and Tom have a combined 115 years of private club experience and their comments will be as varied as their experiences.

Club Technology Trends
Matthew Allnatt & Chas Boyer, Jonathan Club and Michael Washington, Atlanta Athletic Club  
Competency Area: All

Join three leading industry professionals as they debunk the latest trends in technology facing Clubs around the country. Michael Washington of Atlanta Athletic Club and Chas Boyer of The Jonathan Club will address all things “Tech” and successful methods they implemented within their own organizations. The session will be moderated by none other than, Matthew Allnatt COO, of the Jonathan Club.
4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Manager Education

Monetizing the Wellness Experience
Nicole Mains, Boulder Country Club
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

TUnderstanding the wellness model and desires of our multi-generational consumers are critical for the success for both public and private clubs. Succeeding in the wellness market with offerings as varied as Personal & Group Fitness Training, Group Exercise, Spa, Medical Wellness, and Pilates & Golf Fitness can be tricky and each niche of the industry requires a detailed strategy to maximize the program offerings, marketing appeal and retention of our members. Most importantly, the focus on quality staffing must be at the forefront to deliver exceptional services and experiences to our members.

Ask CMAA Leadership
TBob James, CCM, CCE, CHE, Robert Crifasi, CCM, CCE, CPA, and Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE 
Competency Areas: All

Come to this session to learn about where CMAA is and where it is going in the future. This will be your opportunity to ask CMAA’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Vice President about the state of the Association as they will be taking questions from the audience.

Trends in Volunteering and How It Impacts Your Volunteer Board
Rachael Ego, CCM, The Club at Rolling Hills 
Competency Area: Club Governance

Working with a volunteer board is a skill set that club managers need. Understanding what drives volunteers and how to motivate them is the way to a better working relationship and effective management of club. In this presentation, we’ll explore the state of volunteerism in the United States and how you can attract the best volunteer leadership to your board.

Job Loss Panel
Speaker TBD

Club Communications Session
Speaker TBD

8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Manager Education

The Supervisor Certification Program: Training Supervisors to Lead
Gregg Patterson, The Reflective Experience
Competency Areas: Human & Professional Resources; Leadership

A manager is only as good as their lieutenants. Those supervisor-lieutenants who are “in the trenches” in the kitchen, dining room, locker rooms, pro shop, and golf course day in and day out will ultimately determine a manager’s success or failure. To do “supervisor” right, department managers need to know the fundamentals of supervision—the technical skills and the people skills needed to make “team effort” happen effectively and efficiently. And to do supervisor right, they need to be “certified.” This seminar will outline the principles and the practices of a comprehensive “Supervisor Certification Program” that will translate good supervisors into GREAT lieutenants.

No Man Has Ever Quit A Private Club! – How to Maximize Membership Retention Through The Use Of Data and Effective Marketing
Steve Graves, Creative Golf Marketing and Management 
Competency Area: Membership & Marketing

Membership retention has become a critical issue at virtually all private clubs. Unfortunately, many clubs are losing as many members as they are gaining each year. Club leaders must use data to properly identify their "at-risk members". Once these "at-risk members" have been identified, you must implement effective marketing methods to reconnect the at-risk members to your club culture. This session will provide attendees with strategies to capture the most effective data that will identify negative trends in club usage patterns. Data is important but having marketing strategies that re-engage members with their club is imperative to keeping attrition percentages at their lowest.

Business Intelligence – Making Sense of Data and Analytics for Private Clubs
Derek Johnston and Rob Hill, Global Golf Advisors, Inc.
Presented in Partnership with Global Golf Advisors, a CMAA Business Partner
Competency Area: Leadership

In today’s world of big data and analytics, it is increasingly difficult to discern helpful statistics from the growing clutter of available information. When used effectively, business intelligence has the power to support and inform fact based decision making and ultimately enable you to position your club for significant competitive advantage and enduring success.

This session will address how to source, track, and measure what matters most to clubs and how best to use this business intelligence to effectively support planning, guide decision making, and measure success. You will learn how to:
  1. Inform key decision makers at your club with detailed, accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence about your club’s membership, market, operations, and finances.
  2. Improve productivity and effectiveness of board and management meetings with sophisticated and reliable business intelligence.
  3. Help you and your board efficiently and effectively evaluate, develop, and adjust strategy on an on-going basis.

Bridging Generations as Clubs Evolve: Innovations in Member Experience and Food & Beverage
Brett Morris and Edward Leonard, CMC, The Polo Club of Boca Raton
Competency Areas: Food & Beverage Management; Membership & Marketing

Panelists Brett Morris, GM/COO, and Edward Leonard, CMC, Director Of Culinary Operations, will discuss the club’s operational and culinary considerations as it transitions from the original Baby Boomer membership base to one increasingly populated by Gen X. Their presentation will consider recent shifts in club lifestyle and some of the innovations they’ve developed to address changing tastes in dining options and menu choices, member participation in sports and fitness, and the array of social events.

Information Security: Why You Should be Scared and What to Do About It
Lisa Rau, Fionta 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

In this accessible and fast-paced presentation, the primary information security risks that face private clubs – no matter their size or type – will be overviewed. For each area, pragmatic and effective options for mitigation will be reviewed. An industry standard approach to risk management is presented and the entire topic framed within the context of our rapidly changing high-tech world.
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Student Mentor Workshop / Luncheon
Supported by The Club Foundation
This three-hour workshop will feature speakers with messages about self-awareness and work-life balance, among other topics. Students will explore important club and life management strategies. Finally, a boxed lunch will be provided and attendees will have the opportunity to sit down with CMAA’s Young Professionals working in clubs and pick their brains about what steps lie ahead of our students on their journey through the industry.
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Career Opportunity & Mentoring Showcase
This job fair and networking forum is the place where students and managers can gather together to discuss employment and internship opportunities as well as network and discuss goals and mentorship.
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Manager Education

Food and Beverage Trends for Future Success
Lawrence McFadden, CMC, The Union Club
Competency Area: Food & Beverage Management

Lawrence McFadden, CMC, will conduct a review of food and beverage execution at the luxury level. Learn about enhancing knowledge in beverage, culinary, leadership, marketing, benchmarking, and future trend or strategic for relevance. He will conduct a complete review of how to execute and monitor various food and beverage tactics for successful outcomes.

The Truth about Millennial Golfers
Kristofer Hart, Nextgengolf 
Competency Areas: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management; Membership & Marketing

There is a lot of talk about millennials in the club industry, especially over the last few years. Starting in 2017 Nextgengolf and Global Golf Advisors teamed up to run an annual research study on millennial golfers and clubs of the future. This panel will present findings from the second year of millennial research and set the stage for an open discussion with club managers about the "club of the future."

Function First: A Key to Golf Course Resource Management
Dr. Michael Hurdzan and Greg Hufner, Hurdzan Fry Golf Course Design 
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

There are things that work well, and things that just look pretty. Ideally, they should be both functional and pretty, but given a choice of only one, most people would say “function first.” This is also true of golf course features that require management inputs of time, money, and labor. Understanding how to maximize function can help minimize those inputs while maintaining a unique and memorable landscape. For example, sand bunkers are the single most expensive golf course feature to build and maintain on a per square foot basis. Emphasizing functional qualities over pure aesthetics can help minimize long term inputs and resources without changing the bunker’s intent and character.

Co-presented by a noted golf course architect and an experienced golf course builder, this seminar will discuss how to apply “function first” to all features of the golf course to reduce waste and conserve resources.

One to One: The General Manager & President
Daniel M. Denehy, CCM, and Kirk Reese, CCM, DENEHY Club Thinking Partners 
Competency Area: Club Governance

Do you want a club president’s perspective when thinking strategy or planning for your next board meeting? Dan Denehy, CCM, and Kirk Reese, CCM will lead a panel discussion with a number of compelling club presidents from top clubs that embrace the COO concept. Hear how club presidents think about club management and what they need and want from their general manager.

Forecasting the Club of the Future (Showcasing the Student Award Program Winners)
Moderator: TBA 
Competency Areas: All

The Club of the Future is a student award program designed to challenge student members to look 5, 10, 15 years down the road and offer their vision of what the club industry will look like from a membership or management perspective. Categories include concepts in events, communications, membership costs, board and committees and staff retention. This session explores the winning entries in each of the five categories. Student members will present their ideas, insights and concepts on future club trends. After each winning project is presented, the program will open up for questions and discussion for additional idea sharing.
No schedule yet.
8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Manager Education

Lean In
Sharon Mast, Spark Solutions & Support
Competency Area: Leadership

Across the nation, women still lag far behind men in high level corporate positions and club management is no exception. A 2011 McKinsey report notes that men are promoted based on potential while women are generally promoted based on past accomplishments. Special Interest Groups are a great way to create the environment where support and challenge push women to bring their best, be their best, and bring out the best in others.

Lean In Circles were established by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook in 2013 as a way for women to be challenged and supported by other women to increase their leadership potential. Circles are small groups that meet regularly to learn and grow together. Research shows that we are more confident and able to learn and accomplish more in a small group setting of 8 to 12 members who have similar goals or are at similar stages in life. While Lean In Circles are fairly new, the circle process - group forums, master mind groups, impact circles - have been around for many, many years and circles in general have been used by indigenous communities around the world for hundreds of years.

The Lean In Foundation has created step by step meeting guides and activities, expert videos on important topics, promotional materials, and email/social feeds to stay connected. There are currently 33,000 registered Lean In circles in 150 countries around the world and 85 percent of participants credit their circle to positive changes in their lives.

Insight to Execution: Using Industry Benchmarks to Frame the Development of Three Unique Fitness/Wellness Experiences Based on a Club’s Profile
Kevin B. Caldabaugh, John's Island Club; Stephen Tharrett, ClubIntel 
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

This session will provide an industry overview of the latest trends, wellness research, and benchmarking data in effort to lay a foundation for facility design and programming considerations in private clubs. Three clubs of varying sizes will be used as case studies to show how industry information can be used for success based on a club's profile and position in the marketplace. Special considerations will be given to why particular choices were made and will focus on the impacts of club demographics, competition, and wellness trends. Attendees will be provided with a template they can use to pursue the development of a fitness center or spa for their club.

The Art & Science of Storytelling
Andy Likes, The Vandiver Group, Inc. 
Competency Area: Membership & Marketing

Stories move people! There are more than 5,000 private clubs in America and every club has its own story to tell; a story that makes it unique and special. What is your story and how do you tell it? How do you explain it without the “inside golf” references, big words and acronyms? There is a reason you remember school, vacation, or family stories from when you were younger. There is a reason you remember exactly where you were when the Space Shuttle exploded, when the planes hit the World Trade Center, or when your team won a championship. Positive, negative, or neutral, the right story can be engaging and most importantly, it can be memorable. This session will explore how to tell your story and how you, as subject matter experts, can be succinct and memorable. This session will walk you through the Art & Science of Storytelling.

Community Outreach
Matthew Allnatt, Jonathan Club 
Competency Area: Leadership

Developing a community outreach strategy for your club ,large or small, helps not only define yourself within your community but gives your members and staff a greater sense of belonging to something special. This session will show how developing different programs can have untold benefits for your club, members and staff retention, positive marketing, improved member value, community relationships…. sometimes a logo, a history and just a golf course is not enough. In this program we will discuss ideas and suggestions that are easily implemented such as Employee Scholarship funds, themed events, sponsorship opportunities and organizations willing to partner to help your club to even greater success.

The Economics of Club Improvements
James Hankowski, CPA, Condon, O'Meara, McGinty & Donnelly, and Frank Vain, The McMahon Group 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

Record numbers of clubs are implementing major capital improvement projects. The thing everyone wants to know, however, is do they work? Face it, every club wants to know they are building for success, not building the Field of Dreams. So what’s the economics of improvements? What really happens when clubs launch that major project? Some members quit when there’s an assessment, but do new people join? What facilities do we need and why? Will there be more use and is that worth anything? What are the implications of paying for projects with assessments versus long term debt? What’s going to happen to operating costs? And the one everyone wants to know; is there a return on investment? You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Come hear this insightful presentation on the true impact of capital projects. It covers all aspects of long range planning: what works and what doesn’t, how to pay for it and how not, and how to calculate the true cost of maintaining and operating your new club. It also includes a case study on a prominent club that made improvements and is sharing with you the actual outcomes and benefits that you can apply to your own situation.

Green Initiatives / Community Service Session
Jo Licata, John Power and Pat Swan 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

If Green Initiatives or Sustainability is about benefiting people and the planet, community engagement must also play a central role with core business concerns. Being a good neighbor and citizen is fundamental to keeping your business viable and vibrant. Hear from some of San Francisco’s Sustainability and Community veterans on how you can grow or enhance your current programs and activities.
1:15 – 2:15 p.m.
Manager Education

A Look at Today's Fine Wine Business and Where It Is Headed
Dennis Cakebread, Cakebread Cellars
Competency Area: Food & Beverage Management

Dennis Cakebread’s father started Cakebread Cellars in California’s famed Napa Valley in 1973. Their neighbors were all friends and they all helped each other learn how to make better wine. Since then, they have seen a world of change. Government regulations, local environmental restrictions, the growth of wine production around the world, and the desire of big wine and spirit conglomerates to have Napa wineries, are a just a few of the factors making it more challenging to market our wines.

Dennis will discuss the increased demand for fine wine in the US, which has grown almost every year since 60 Minutes aired the French Paradox in the late 80s. The rising cost of land in the Napa Valley, the cost of wine barrels, and the importance of using good wood barrels, regulations, and the power of the press and their wine scores, are some of the challenges.

Cakebread Cellars is constantly improving. The way they farm their vineyard is very different today than it was in the 70s. Precise vineyard practices are paramount to cultivating excellent fruit. He’ll share some of the ways they do things differently today and why they made the changes.

The Delicate Art of Training Adults...or Is It the Art of Training Delicate Adults?
Jodie Cunningham, Optimus Talent Partners LLC 
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

Every day you coach and train your team – made up of adults – and sometimes (in all seriousness), that’s more difficult than teaching children. As children, we eagerly absorb the world around us and continually ask “why?”, naturally accepting correction and coaching. So why does that change as we become adults? Or, does it? In this session, you will learn adult learning principles, understand how cognitive levels play a role in the learning process, and leave with some tips and tools to enhance the training process at your club.

Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Robert Shapiro, Smart Computing Solutions, Inc. 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

"The club burned down last night… do we still have the member function?” A disaster can happen at any time in a club. In this session, learn about the role information technology and can play in proper disaster planning and service delivery. The session will explore the five steps of business continuity planning which are: analysis, solution design, implementation, testing, and maintenance

Employment Agreements for Mid- to High-Level Managers: Part I
Dick Yemm, First Asset Managers, Kurt Kuebler, CCM, Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace, and Brian Kroh, CCM, John’s Island Club 
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

This is a panel discussion about employment agreements focusing on mid- to upper-level managers. Agreements can be verbal, written, or implied according to what each side expressed by their words and actions.

Topics beyond the basics required by law are at the pleasure of the employer and employee. Suggestions will be made on how a manager can prepare (what the recruiter is looking for as defined by a club), how to present oneself, being professionally organized for interviews, and climbing the ladder.

Three panel members will provide different perspectives in addressing agreements. Kurt Kuebler will represent the recruitment, initial placement aspect; Brian Kroh, CCM, the manager target; and Dick Yemm on negotiating strategies to enhance benefits as one's employment relationship matures.

Are You Speaking My Language?
Sharon Mast, Spark Solutions & Support 
Competency Area: Interpersonal Skills

In this fun and interactive session, participants will explore how different communication styles may get lost in translation. Whether you are a fast talker or a slow processor, give all the details or just the highlights, as a manager, there are tools and techniques you can use to enhance your ability to communicate more effectively and get the results you need. Be prepared to laugh and learn.
2:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Manager Education

It Takes Two: Confessions of a Serial Interviewer
Elaine Patterson, Breitburn Energy
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

One of the key responsibilities of any manager is selecting the right people for their organization. Selecting people is a process, not an ad hoc event and a fundamental part of the process is the ability to conduct effective interviews. Many managers complain about having to interview candidates and most do not have a lot of confidence in their interviewing skills. But with a little knowledge of interview techniques, self-awareness, and practice, you can quickly become a better interviewer, increase the odds of selecting the right candidate, and even enjoy the process. In this session, we'll look at what most people are doing today and what you can do differently starting immediately.

Women in Clubs: What it Takes to Attract, Retain, and Move Women into Positions of Influence Within Your Club
Moderated by Miles W. Tucker, CCM, Hillcrest Country Club, Featuring Jill Barad, former CEO of Mattel; Larraine Segil, Entrepreneur, Attorney, Lecturer, and Author; and Linda Briskman, former Mayor of Beverly Hills and President of Brentwood Country Club 
Competency Areas: Leadership; Club Governance

Join this distinguished panel as they discuss how the treatment of women in clubs has evolved over time, the pace of that change, and what clubs need to do now (and in the future) to not just attract female members but to move them into positions of influence within your club. The panel will field questions from the floor, and the session will be moderated by Miles Tucker, CCM, GM & COO of Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles, CA. Be sure to come primed with questions for this group of influential business and club leaders!

Understanding Financial Statements
Robert J. Crifasi, CCM, CCE, CPA, New Orleans Country Club, and Phil Newman, CPA, RSM US LLP 
Competency Area: Accounting & Financial Management

Employment Agreements for Mid- to High-Level Managers: Part II
Dick Yemm, First Asset Managers, Kurt Kuebler, CCM, Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace, and Brian Kroh, CCM, John’s Island Club 
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

This is a continuation of the session from the previous time-slot. The presenters will explore topics from the first session in a deeper manner.
3:45 – 4:45 p.m.
Manager Education

The Real Club Managers of CMAA
Mitchell Platt, MCM, CCE, Cosmos Club, and Steven Buck, CCM, CCE, Shady Canyon Golf Club
Competency Areas: Club Governance; Leadership

At this session, be prepared to hear real stories that affect club managers, but the answers do not appear in hospitality books or are rarely addressed in regular conference sessions. This open session is meant to be an interactive session where attendees participate by revealing their own stories, seek answers and solutions from their peers, and offer suggestions and feedback. Unfiltered and uncensored.

Women in Club Leadership Wrap-Up
Donna Otis, CCM, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe 
Competency Area: Leadership

People Analytics: Changing the Way You Select, Retain, and Promote Your Employees
Jodie Cunningham, Optimus Talent Partners LLC 
Competency Area: Human & Professional Resources

Skills can be taught, but talent is genetic. In the club and hospitality industry, it is critical to get the right people in the right positions, especially when the results determine guest satisfaction. Making the wrong selection or promotion choice can result in breakdowns in guest service levels, significant loss of revenue, high staff turnover, increased labor costs, and losing valuable time and resources training new employees. Incorporating data analytics into your selection and promotion process will provide critical behavioral and cognitive insight to selecting the right people for the right roles in your organization. And the good news is – it’s not complicated!

Strategic Technology Planning for Clubs
Timothy E. Muessle, CCM, CCE, Philadelphia Cricket Club and Chris Kallmeyer, Golf Genius Software 
Competency Area: Accounting & Financial Management

Technology impacts every aspect of member and staff experience; Point of Sale, Reservations, Accounting, Billing, Website, Mobile App, Social Media, email, etc... Clubs rely on networks, servers, computers, and other devices.

There are many software choices, some specialized, others generalized, that can be adopted into club operations. Club-centric solutions are often older products with limited innovation and adaptability. Clubs are slow to invest in technology, and can't afford a Chief Information Officer. Thus, few have a strategic plan for technology. They take a piecemeal approach, stringing together various technologies and software, one at a time. The results are poor.

Members and staff are tech-savvy, and have high expectations for their experience with any organization's technology. They expect software to work seamlessly. The benefits of a well thought out IT strategy include improving efficiency, information gathering for good decision making, assuring maximum revenue capture, and creating value for the member.

Demystifying the Master Club Manager Process
Joseph Basso, MCM, CCE, Birmingham Country Club 
Competency Areas: All

Joe Basso, MCM, CCE, the Chairman of the Master Club Manager Academic Council, will dispel myths about the Master Club Manager (MCM) process. If you have ever considered pursuing your MCM designation, this session will answer all of your questions regarding the process.
8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Awards and Education Session
Cat Cora

First Female Iron Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality, Author and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, actress, avid philanthropist, health and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six. The Jackson, Mississippi native has been captivating audiences since she made her TV debut in 1999, as co-host of Food Network’s Melting Pot with Rocco Di Spirito. She went on to host My Country My Kitchen: Greece, Date Plate, and was one of the featured hosts on Fine Living’s Simplify Your Life.

Cat later made television history in 2005 when she became the first-ever female Iron Chef on Food Network’s hit show: Iron Chef America. Since then, she shattered the glass ceiling as one of the first females to dominate the historically male culinary industry. In 2006, Cat was awarded Bon Appetit Magazine’s “Teacher of the Year Award” and was named the Executive Chef of the magazine. Since then, she has blazed her own trail through the culinary world, becoming the first female inducted into The American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame.

Cat has opened more than 18 restaurants across the U.S. and globally, namely Cat Cora’s Kitchen, located in numerous locations throughout the U.S. Most recently, she opened Fatbird Southern Kitchen and Bar in the Meatpacking District of New York, NY.

Cat continues to be a leader in her industry as she masterfully synchronizes her award-winning talents with mainstream accessibility, all while she evolves into a space beyond the culinary world.

9:45 – 11:15 a.m.
Manager Education

How to Effectively Communicate with Generation X and Millennial Members … and Stay Relevant
Brian Albert,
Competency Areas: Membership & Marketing; Interpersonal Skills Leadership

Membership clubs can only stay relevant and survive with the next generation of members if they learn to effectively communicate with Generation X and Millennials. The old ways of communicating just don’t work with younger members. Generation X was the first generation raised in the Internet age. Millennials are the first mobile-first generation. Delivering your message to these members must be done differently. These two younger generations have embraced mobile, social, and video. You, too, must use these tools to increase membership, grow revenue, and improve engagement. Brian Albert has spent more than a decade helping thousands of businesses nationwide, including country clubs, more effectively communicate with their younger customers and prospects through mobile, social, and video. A former television news reporter and trial attorney, Brian is also a technologist at the forefront of the move to online video as a default communications method for businesses.

Tame the Chaos: Overcoming Complexity to Achieve Real Results
Erich Randall, On-Point Strategic Leadership 
Competency Area: Leadership

As described in Dr. Erich Randall’s book, Tame the Chaos, the complexities of running an organization in the 21st Century unwittingly hinder even the best strategic plans. This session will teach club managers how to use Dr. Randall’s “Tame the Chaos” model to improve the effectiveness of strategies and plans dramatically. Managers will learn how to understand better who they are as an organization by going through systems-theory-based discovery process called “Strategic Design.” They will be able to create a strong, multi-faceted strategic vision, what we call “Grand Strategy.” They can then develop strategic objectives for their club, create SMART Goals for each strategic objective, develop detailed plans, establish robust, intuitive “Narrative Metrics,” and build a team invested in ensuring the plan does not just sit on the shelf and collect dust. Finally, this course will explain how to Tame the Chaos without over-burdening the staff or breaking the budget.

Engage, Retain, Prosper: Building a Culture of Engagement
Sheila Margolis, Workplace Culture Institute 
Competency Area: Leadership

Do you have engaged employees who are committed to the club and willing to put forth extra effort to deliver superior performance?

Now is the time to build a culture of engagement. In this session, you will uncover the elements of engagement and discover the six universal priorities that drive employee engagement. Using items from an engagement survey, you will evaluate your level of engagement and the drivers of engagement, and then target actions to improve engagement. Using club examples, you will discover how to take the survey results and implement a process to increase employee engagement at your club.

To thrive in a competitive landscape, organizations need to create workplaces that engage their employees. Addressing the human side of the workplace is key to achieving optimal performance. Engaged workers can and do have a profound impact on your club’s success.

Can't We All Just Get Along? Navigating the Working Relationship and Expectations Between the Banquet Coordinator, Executive Chef, and General Manager
Blaine A. Burgess, CCM, CCE, Country Club of Little Rock 
Competency Area: Food & Beverage Management

Would you like to improve communication, clarity, and understanding between this crucial trio of managers at your club? Whether dealing with capital requests, small equipment purchases, or trying to come together with a consistent vision for an event, this session will help to bridge that gap. We will have a frank discussion on how to effectively communicate expectations, manage egos and rally around everyone’s desire for successful outcomes and spectacular food and beverage offerings. General Managers, Executive Chefs, Clubhouse, Food and Beverage Managers and Banquet Managers are all encouraged to attend!

A Conversation with Professional Golfers Kay Cockerill and Juli Inkster
Kay Cockerill and Juli Inkster 
Competency Areas: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management; Leadership

Between these two Northern California professional golfers, there are seven USGA Championships, and five US Women’s Amateurs. What does it take to be successful as a professional golfer on the LPGA? Juli and Kay will share their Solheim Cup experiences, and talk about what it takes to captain the team, the pod system, how to pair the women in doubles, and being part of the largest comeback in history in 2015. Further, Juli and Kay will detail their experiences as analysts for the Golf Channel and Fox Sports, and speak about the challenges, environment of working in television, and working men’s events. They will provide color commentary on growing up in Northern California, playing the courses that shaped their games and the state of the LPGA and professional golf in general. Attendees will have the opportunity following the session to view and be photographed with the Solheim Cup.
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Manager Education

Bringing Gnarliness to Your Club
Ben Lorenzen, Champions Run
Competency Areas: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management; Membership & Marketing

Building on his highly rated session “Thinking Outside the Box” from the 2017 World Conference, Ben Lorenzen will discuss new ideas that you can bring to your club and how to implement them. Come and see what Ben has brought to Champions Run and be inspired to come up with new ideas for programming at your club.

Sustainability at the Club
John Crean, CCM, CCE, Broken Sound Club 
Competency Area: Facilities Management

Broken Sound is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as being on the leading edge of sustainability in the club industry. In addition to implementing a paperless accounting system, the club planted wildflowers indigenous to Florida and installed bat houses, butterfly gardens, and 25 bee hives. The club became the first club community to install TESLA charging stations.

Join John Crean, CCM, CCE, the General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Broken Sound Club, as he discusses ways you can enact sustainable practices at your club.

Employee Engagement, Staff Retention, and Organizational Culture
Henry Chamberlain, HCC Global 
Competency Areas: Human & Professional Resources; Leadership

Employee engagement is widely recognized as a key driver of organizational performance. However, few leaders have clarity on how engagement should be measured and how the results should be used to influence club strategy, culture, and ultimately club performance. This dilemma is reflected in global research across a wide range of organizations, showing that efforts to increase engagement over the past decade have barely moved the needle.

In this presentation, Henry Chamberlain, an occupational psychologist and organization development consultant, will explore the nature of employee engagement and how it relates to important club metrics such as member satisfaction, service level, and staff retention. A case study about the use of engagement in a club in Hong Kong will provide valuable insights into how employee engagement can be measured and leveraged to support club leadership in creating a performance culture in their clubs.

Tee It Up for the Troops
Tim Wegscheid, Tee It Up for the Troops 
Competency Area: Golf, Sports, & Recreation Management

Please join us for an invigorating discussion about hosting impactful charitable events at your club that will deliver positive results for your members…and your community! Aligning with great charitable causes can positively engage your membership, assist in showcasing your club to prospective members, and help make a positive difference in your community. Gain insights from several special guests from inside and outside the club industry as they share their positive experiences in this important area.

Management Companies
Desi Speh, Arizona Country Club, and Robert DeMore, Troon Golf 
Competency Area: Club Governance

Chip Conley

Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy

Bestselling author, hospitality entrepreneur, disruptive business rebel and social change agent, Chip Conley is a leader at the forefront of the sharing economy. At age 26, the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality took an inner city motel and turned it into the 2nd largest boutique hotel brand in the world. Inspired by psychologists Maslow and Frankl, Chip’s books, PEAK and the New York Times bestseller EMOTIONAL EQUATIONS, Chip shares his own theories on transformation and meaning in business and life.

Chip was CEO of his innovative company for 24 years. In 2013 he accepted an invitation from the founders of Airbnb to help transform a promising home sharing start-up into what is today the world’s largest hospitality brand. As Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, Chip taught his award-winning methods to hundreds of thousands of Airbnb hosts in nearly 200 countries, and created the Airbnb Open that brings thousands together in a global festival of belonging (he transitioned to a part-time role as Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership in January 2017). Chip founded Fest300 in 2013 to share his passion for travel and the world’s best festivals (the company merged with Everfest in 2016 where he is part-time Chief Strategy Officer). Chip has received hospitality’s highest honor, the Pioneer Award, joining industry icons Marriott, Kimpton and Wynn.

He is the founder of the Celebrity Pool Toss, which has raised millions for the Tenderloin neighborhood where he opened his first hotel, and San Francisco’s Hotel Hero Awards that shine a light on the unsung heroes serving hotel guests every day. Chip holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University, and an honorary doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. He serves on the boards of the Burning Man Project and the Esalen Institute.