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A Year of Creation: Communications Rebranding

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

In fall 2017, Interlachen’s membership approved a major facilities improvement plan. The plan, titled Interlachen 2019, set the stage for a major transformation of the club’s member experience. Our communications strategy and brand at the time did not reflect the club’s commitment to tradition, family, and championship golf.

Our communications department, consisting of two employees, led a rebranding project to better reflect the renewed family experience at Interlachen. This project is a presentation of some of the highlights from their body of work.

This presentation board shares the driver for the change, the style guide created to implement new brand standards, and seven different examples of work under that brought our revitalized brand to life.

The communications rebranding campaign has helped elevate internal and external communications. Departments across the club have more clarity of what is acceptable for communications, presentations, and printable materials. We have found a unified voice and style for all messages and promotions, which additionally allows prospective new members and the community to have a new view of what Interlachen is.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The style guide was developed after our communications department thoughtfully researched, brainstormed, and experimented with potential options internally, before ultimately arriving on a set of ideals. A lot of elements are new (such as the addition of two new typefaces and an expansion of the color palette), however we preserved some traditional elements such as an original typeface style and our standard greens from our logo. The goal, like our renovation project, was to blend the old with the new, creating a new product that was of higher quality yet still comfortable.

Our newsletter readership has significantly increased with the implementation of the new design. Prior to the redesign, we had published two issues of the original design on the digital reader platform and each issue had approximately 500 views total. Subsequently, since the redesign, readership has averaged 1,500 views each issue for our membership of ~750 member families. We also print 200 physical copies each issue period and by the next publication date, almost all are gone.

Previously, there was not one firm resource for our adult members to learn about athletic opportunities at the club. If they were interested in programs and events for golf, tennis, and aquatics, they would have had to ask a professional, see the opportunity on a calendar, or on the website. It made natural sense, with the success of our Youth Guide, to do the same for our adult members. We now have a primary resource in the guides to distribute to current members and prospective members alike, allowing all ages to discover what the club has to offer them from May through September.

Members have commented that the communications and marketing materials finally match the brand and service at Interlachen. We have noticed Members take much more pride in sharing materials with their friends and family.

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