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Admirals Cove Street Fair

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Street Fair has become the pinnacle of the holiday experience at Admirals Cove. While most of our events are culinary and family-focused, the Street Fair offers our most comprehensive variety of food and entertainment all in one night. Our goal was to create an event that adults and children could whole-heartedly enjoy. It’s shown us that it’s possible to create one unique experience that all ages look forward to year after year. Behind the scenes, the collaboration to execute such a large-scale event has helped build camaraderie across many departments that would not typically interact. It creates a unique sense of pride for all participating in the event.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Implementing The Admirals Cove Street takes months of planning, collaboration, creativity, and diligence from nearly every team member. When developing the concept for this event, knowing that many clubs host similar family-friendly experiences during the holiday season, team members across all departments came together to brainstorm how we could make our event unique. This included developing a “Street Fair” specific logo and brand, over-the-top rides, and offering members and their families an all-inclusive, personalized culinary experience they could not get anywhere else. The culmination of these ideas, plus, countless hours of planning and setup, has made the Admirals Cove Street unlike any other in the private club industry. All our team members will agree that the many months of hard work pay off when we see the smiles on our member’s faces as they arrive. Our members now consider this a beloved holiday tradition that is looked forward to year after year.

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