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Arctic Advantage

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

We noticed our junior tennis players were missing a way to increase their Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) during the winter season, so we created a three-month winter league led by a Tennis Professional: the Arctic Advantage Program.

It has enhanced our operation in a multitude of ways:

Diverse Audience: By targeting juniors, the event tapped into a different demographic that might not have been as engaged with the club before. This diversification has led to more long-term members and supporters.

Enhanced Reputation: Organizing a well-executed Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) League demonstrated our commitment to promoting junior tennis and fostering a strong tennis community.

Increased Facility Usage: Hosting the league created consistent demand for our tennis facilities. This led to higher court bookings, lessons, and other related services, generating additional revenue.

Networking and Community Building: The league fostered connections among parents, players, and other club members. This sense of community created an increased engagement and support for other club activities.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The idea was implemented by reaching out to parents to see how many we would have interested in participating in a 3-month long winter intra-club league. Emails were sent out to those who responded were locked in to play, and we received 50 participants ranging from the ages of 12-16.

Our tennis professionals created pods for the participants and had them play round-robin style matches. After each round, we promoted those with the most wins and demoted those with fewer wins.

The parents were pleased with the possibility to have competitive tennis in the comfort of their club during the winter months, and not having to travel far to get competitive match play. The outcome of our idea was happy, engaged junior members participating in a program to increase their UTR.

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