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BCC Leadership Meetings

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Every two weeks, Baltimore Country Club’s Leadership Team meets to discuss various topics that can further help educate and develop the team to be the best version of themselves. The leadership meeting is represented by every department throughout the Club and includes all levels of our management. All leadership meetings begin with reviewing the Club’s:

  • Simple Truth - Great People Make Favorite Places
  • BCC Mission Statement
  • BCC Core Values – The Club’s four guiding principles
  • Green Folder Stories

The Leadership Team discusses how they embody BCC’s core values and what those values mean to them. The group also shares Green Folder stories, which are anecdotes of when a staff member created a unique, special memory for a member, fellow staff member, and/or vendor. The meeting themes rotate throughout the year to include interesting articles, thought-provoking discussions, leadership philosophies, and books. The head of each department provides an operational update regarding projects, challenges, and celebrations.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The implementation of the leadership meeting has been very successful as it unites all levels of the clubs’ leaders from different departments that may not otherwise have the opportunity to work together. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic the meetings were held in person and during the pandemic they become virtual, allowing more individuals from the leadership team to join the meetings from home. The meetings have become a great tool to ensure that as a group we reviews our clubs’ mission, vision, and values. It allows for our leaders to receive consistent information regarding departmental updates, goals, construction updates, safety, employee recognition etc... The leadership meetings have also provided an avenue for inter-departmental open discussions where we cover opportunities to further improve our communication, accountability, and trust.

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