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Biggest Loser Competition

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

A Wellness and Fitness program that includes members and staff teams. These teams compete with in-house trainers as their leaders to promote existing member's to start using the wellness center, trainers, and group exercise. Designed for members that are over-weight and first time users. The event enhances club operations by creating micro-groups of members who become friends and new users of the Wellness programs. Which is member retention and value added. The overall goal creating lifetime members of the club’s Wellness Center. Prizes for winning teams and individuals vary and is based on net percentage of body fat lost, attending group exercise classes. The crossover of healthy dinning and focus also benefits operations. The employee involvement also engages entire membership as the non-competing member's root for their favorite employee that could not hurt in shedding some pounds. Employee wellness benefiting health insurance claims for and using management leading by example.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The member reactions have been fantastic as we have entered our second year of the program and looks to become an annual tradition. As a competitor in the first year I had great success in shedding pounds and as General Manager I focused trying all group exercise programs. The program built relationships I did not expect, created revenue for trainers. The club had two trainer's and after the program demanded a third trainer be added to the team. The program promoted the wellness menu in the club's restaurants as well as kickoff party and awards party. Over all a win/win event for all involved and everyone is trying something new at the first of every year the timing is right for the membership of the club. Member’s support each other and add pressure to their teams to win the competition.

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