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Branding 130 Years at BHYC

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Five years ago was BHYC’s 125th Anniversary, but due to Super Storm Sandy, the Club was undergoing a complete renovation and was unable to celebrate the 125th properly. This year, BHYC celebrated their 130th Anniversary! The Club members and management really wanted to make the 130th year at the Club extra special.

Branding milestones in Club’s history is a great way to build buzz for the upcoming season. Planning new and exciting events around those milestone seasons give members a sense of pride and reasons to show off their Club.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The Marketing Director worked with the chair of the History Committee to design the 130th Anniversary logo to help with the branding for the year. The idea behind the logo was to create a modern variation on the BHYC burgee for the year. The logo was placed on a variety of pieces around the Club including custom water bottles, guest towels and glassware at the bar. The logo and idea of the “130th” also became the design factor through communication pieces all during the year. The New Member Booklet, Mainsheet, and other mailings that were sent out all featured the BHYC 130th logo.

The BHYC 130th logo was also unveiled on the new member app this summer from Pacesetter Technology an app development company specializing in private clubs. The 130th logo was featured on the inside screen of the app. Every time a member logged in and went to the drop down menu, they saw the new logo in the background that still had the traditions of past. The BHYC custom app was the perfect addition to the 130th year at the Club.

The app was customized to Bay Head Yacht Club including things like being able to request a sailboat from the Dockmaster, book tennis courts, or finding out what was going on at the Club that week. Members were also able to order from the app and pick up their food to eat in or take out on their boat. The app also let members make dinner reservations in time slots but management could close out times and control the amount of people dining at any time.

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