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Cart Barn Bash

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Originally marketed as an “Oyster Roast”, with varying oysters from different regions, the threat of inclement weather on our scheduled rain date, forced us to rethink our crowd favorite event. The new and improved “Cart Barn Bash” was created as the solution to our problem. This new idea allowed us to utilize our Golf Cart Barn which had never been used for anything other than its namesake. This indoor/outdoor building provided the shelter we needed, while simultaneously creating the ambiance we strive to achieve for unforgettable club events. This unique transformation blew our members away. Re-imagining our cart barn and pulling off this event has created a new space for the club and members alike to use for events in the future. Happy members plus potential club revenue equals a win for everyone. Sometimes last minute changes turn out to be the most well received by the membership.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The “Cart Barn Bash” was initially advertised as an “Oyster Roast”, with different variations and oysters from many regions, being the selling points for member’s attendance. The threat of inclement weather and member’s prior obligations on our scheduled rain date forced us to brainstorm how we could ensure that this event went off without a hitch. Rather than rescheduling the event or moving the event to a less festive area of our Club, we decided to create The “Cart Barn Bash”. The “Cart Barn Bash” was an idea that we came up with after realizing that this area of our property was extremely underutilized. Our members have been very receptive of this idea and the use of the cart barn. Majority of our members had no idea that a space as such could be transformed as it was that evening. After the event and seeing how well it was received, members have since been calling in inquiring about use of this space for their own private events. This space is going to be extremely useful to us in the future with the idea of a rain date as well as another event space in addition to the Clubhouse.

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