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How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

What is DIVE? At Charlotte Country Club, we take strong pride in the strong bonds of community we share, and we are committed to supporting and helping our team members flourish. With a heightened awareness and commitment to promoting and highlighting diversity, inclusion, voice, and equity; DIVE was born. It’s mission? To promote a culture enriched in diversity and inclusion, by lifting our voices and creating equality. Dive in and embrace all that we contribute as ONE, which makes Charlotte Country Club special.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

  • How have we implemented DIVE initiatives?

  • Our team breakroom has undergone a transformation to include a world map posted on the wall. Each team member was given a push pin with their name on it. When our team had time, we encouraged each of them to place their pin on where they were from in the world. Our team was able to share their experiences about growing up in the same, or different, parts of the world – with the tagline of “what makes you different, makes you beautiful!”

  • As a club we have become committed to spotlighting our CCC team members and embracing our diverse backgrounds. Each month we take time to spotlight two individuals to take a deeper dive into who they are, where they are from, and how they enjoy their time outside of the club…amongst other things. Not only does this highlight our diverse background and spark conversation, but it also allows our team to get to know team members that they may have never seen or spoken to.

  • We placed DIVE Suggestion Boxes in multiple locations around the club in order to allow all members of our team to make suggestions on how we could continue to make Charlotte Country Club a club rich in diversity and inclusion – we want to hear all voices!

  • We were also able to create new and contemporary initiatives that have made an impact on our club. Some examples include:

    • Celebrating Heritage Months such as Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, Black History Month in February, Pride Month in June, National Women’s History and Irish-American Heritage Month in March, and National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month in September to name a few

    • Creating special lunches and dinners for our team to enjoy on culturally significant holidays – we ate Tinga de Pollo, Arroz Mexicano, Elote, and Frijoles negros on Cinco de Mayo this past year!

    •  Celebrating national holidays that are meant to highlight the diversity of our club and the country. On March 8th, we took time to celebrate all of the amazing women that make our club so special – bookended by spotlighting our General Manager, Priscilla Eich

    • Creating the DIVE Spotlight to highlight two team members a month. In the time of COVID, these have given our team a way of connecting with one another. Our team looks forward to learning about each other as well – it is a joy to watch as these spark conversation and smiles.

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