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Champagne Signals

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

This ideas has been a great "plus one" to the pop up restaurant we run each year. It has generated buzz and increased reservations. It has also excited our team working in the restaurant. It has been fun to see two to three champagne signals on at a time each evening. Members cannot stop talking about it with friends and family. They're taking pictures and sending it to members of other clubs saying "look what we have." The bartender working the champagne cart each evening has done a great job learning the tasting notes on each bottle and selling flights so that members and guests can have a sampling of each.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

I researched ways to implement my idea of the bubbles bat signal. Amazon sells car door lights that you can customize. I found my clip art image and uploaded it to the car door lights and when they came in, was happy that they were bright enough to beam up onto our ceiling. Next I envisioned what I wanted the button itself and our cart to look like. Most important, choosing what bubbles to feature on the cart. We then started to tease the cart in member publications and on our Instagram. Once our pop up restaurant officially opened up, we sent out the full video of what was in store for those coming in for dinner service. The members have absolutely loved it. I've had to send links for the lights to quite a few members as they've been inspired to do something similar in their homes when hosting. They are so happy with our team's creativity and have been bringing in guests so that they can show them. When one table uses their light, it sets off a chain reaction of other table's turning on their lights.

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Rachel Black, CCM

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