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Chef's Corner

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

As a way to connect with out members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our weekly Chef's Corner messages. Each week, we offered a new Sulgrave Gourmet To-Go Menu and a message from our culinary team. The background of the email for Chef's Corner changed weekly and always matched the Sulgrave Gourmet order form background to keep them in theme. This has become a new standard for our marketing and communications when applicable and possible. We were able to stay connected to the membership and keep them inspired with our culinary creations.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

A few features we had with our Chef's Corner were:

A video of Chef making a recipe and allowing the members to come by the club and pick up the ingredients they needed to make the dish.

We shared a video of our pastry chef decorating a gingerbread house, with some of his best trips and tricks and then challenged the membership to submit their houses and created a competition.

We often featured additions to their to-go items to tie in with the theme, such as a picnic blanket with their picnic order to celebrating International Picnic Day!

For Forth of July, we offered their orders to-go in a logoed insulated bag with club koozies.

Since "re-opening" we have converted our Chef's Corner into The Dining Room Dish and kept the same concept by featuring culinary creations, recipes and menu features that the membership has become accustom to receiving in their inbox on Tuesday's.

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