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Christmas Curbside

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

While take away and to-go programs have thrived in midst of the pandemic, we tried to elevate our typical Christmas curbside experience to try and infuse holiday spirit to our membership. As members approached our front drive, we had over 4 stops for them to enjoy from the safety of their cars. One “elf” checked the member in for their pick-up, another offered hot cocoa and holiday cookies, the team pulled the order and loaded them in the back of cars, and the last stop was the most significant of them all: Santa. Santa came to the club and was safely smiling within his winter snow globe right as members drove away. We sent a message to the membership encouraging them to bring children along so they could catch a glimpse of Santa as well.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The idea continuously transitioned throughout different phases in the state of Maryland over the holidays. Planning took a team of managers to brainstorm the most festive way to deliver the curbside experience (inclusive of holiday themed masks) and our sound system blaring holiday music for all to hear. We had over 225 orders placed, a last minute beverage station to satisfy all holiday libations, and a pop-up area that included gingerbread house kids, cinnamon rolls, homemade dog treats, and more! The members were thrilled with the drive-through accuracy and spirit. We had calls after the curbside program days after of members expressing their gratitude, excitement and satisfaction, and how we helped make their holiday special during a challenging year.

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Alexandra Sarris

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