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Concept Conditioning: Changing the Percept of Group Fitness

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Description: Concept Conditioning is a new class format aiming to break away from stereotypical group fitness classes while offering a unique and challenging group exercise experience that is as equally beneficial to high performance athletes as it is to first-times and those anywhere in between. The class earns its name through the use of Concept 2 equipment (the bike, row, and ski) and by focusing on cardiovascular and muscular conditioning rather than raw strength or power.

Enhancement to Club Operations: In the wake of COVID, when nearly every fitness enthusiast purchased a Peloton and home gym equipment, those returning to a gym setting were tired of biking and working out alone. Concept Conditioning offers a unique home for those looking to get intense cardiovascular exercise without the monotony of spinning, while connecting with others over the love of health and fitness. This new class format has allowed the Club to hire high energy instructors who would not otherwise teach typical group exercise classes.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Idea Implementation: The GroupX department responded to the demand for conditioning classes that use a wider range of equipment than spin bikes by starting with the equipment they had. Then, they trained their staff to teach a class rather than being a leading participant, allowing them to be a coach and spend time with members individually throughout the class.

Members’ Reactions: Members have loved the competitive team atmosphere while being able to get in a solid non-impact workout with fellow members of all ages and genders. Overall, the Group Exercise participation has seen an spike since the inception of this new class.

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