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Idea Fair

Creating Life Long Memories

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The idea is that the facility is beautiful, but that is all it is. Beautiful. The facilities can't greet you by name with a warm welcoming smile. However, a team member can. The team members are in actuality the ones that create the life long memories at the club. Mirasol is a very successful club and it's performance is measured yearly using an unanimous member survey metric. This past year the survey concluded that membership is 93% satisfied with the overall experience with the club, 95% satisfied with the staff, and 87% satisfied with the value of their dues paid. 95% satisfied with the staff. The major reason why membership loves our team members is because they are quality human capital. We get the best out of our team members by the way we recruit them, coach them, train them, and develop them. Our staff at Mirasol within the food and beverage department during season is composed of three categories. International team members, local team members, and college interns/ managers in development. We give them all the tools they need to be successful here at the club and outside of the club gates so they can leave Mirasol better people then when they came. We provide knowledge to the international staff before they even land in the states. We hire a 3rd party company to start the training back home. The 3rd party company has created a customized training manual for all of our future team members. For all the local and college team members they go through a 5 day course, ending with an exam to insure they are knowledgeable on all areas that are expected of them. The international staff also when they arrive to the club go though the same 5 day course as the locals. We at Mirasol invest a good amount of time and money in our human capital. It is well worth it as the survey metric shows. 95%!

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The idea has been growing yearly. We are constantly asking ourselves how can we make our team better? What knowledge/ training can we provide for them? What training materials/ tools can we offer them? By investing in our human capital, and by also providing top organizational culture we have developed team members that are world class food and beverage professionals that enjoy coming to work. In turn they are helping create member beloved memories.

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Bobby Y. Langlois

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