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Docktails at BHYC

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

It was no secret that dining spaces were limited during the pandemic, but BHYC was determined to use the space that we had to continue providing services in creative ways. Once a month, members were invited to dock their boats on the Main Dock for Docktails. During Docktails, members and their guests could enjoy the intimacy of eating and drinking BHYC favorites on the comfort and safety of their own boat.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

BHYC offered a specialized menu that would be delivered directly to your boat. For those who preferred less person-to-person interaction, members were also able to order mobily off of the Clubs app and enjoy the same dockside service. As restrictions eased and socializing was reintroduced into our lives, we expanded the Docktails offerings to include our dockside bar. The Orlop Bar provided snacks and additional drinks just steps away from the Main Dock for those who wanted to socialize but were still cautious about indoor activities. Live entertainment during the event was set up on the docks for all to enjoy.

Not only did this provide BHYC with an additional dining option without altering any rooms, but allowed members to feel like they were still part of a special experience. Since the Bar and Service staff were already in place, there was no need for additional staffing for this event. Docktails allowed for a safe, socially distanced dining experience at the comfort of their Club. We look forward to offering these fun dockside cocktail parties for years to come!

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