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Elf on the Shelf


How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Two trends that continue to grow at Clubs are the desire for family activities and convenience. Our Elf on the Shelf program fulfilled both of these needs for our members with young children. They gave us the opportunity to extend our creative hands into the homes of our members while giving parents one less thing to fiddle with during the holiday season.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Our Elf on the Shelf kits provided 30 days of mischievous magic and allowed both  parents and children to share in the joy of the Elf. Parents were thrilled that we took the guesswork out of their nightly Elf obligations. Each Elf scene came with all of the supplies needed to recreate the magic at home along with a clever riddle to help the kids find the Elf. Additionally, an instruction email with sample scene set-up photos was sent out weekly, making it easy for them to move the Elf in a fun and silly manor. The magic for us was getting to see the kids’ faces light up while telling us about all of the excitement happening at home. It was heart-warming to be able to make such a unique impact on our members from beyond the walls of our clubhouse.

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Cory Conklin

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