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Famous Works of Art Wine Dinner

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

In an attempt to transform the appearance and atmosphere of the Club, the Groth Wine Dinner emerged and transported the membership to a west coast centric setting with delicious cuisine paired with Groth Wine. BHYC’s Chef Rich Heimbuch proposed the idea to the Club after learning the viticulture of Groth Winery in Napa Valley. The wine representative explained the variety of soil and ecosystems not only in Napa, but all over the state of California.

Members who may have missed the event were still able to taste the new wines via the Dining Room with recommended pairings by the Chef. This not only allowed members to enjoy a great event, but encouraged trying new wines in the dining room for the rest of the season.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

The menu consisted of what one might see traveling across the Golden State. The first course was a baby California crudité with saffron aioli served with its own pot of growing asparagus and edible soil; members used lemon water to hydrate the asparagus and watched it grow right before their eyes! The second course was roasted rabbit in their natural surroundings, giving the illusion of a rabbit in the hills of Napa peeking its head out of the brush before it disappeared. The entrée course was inspired by the famous California eatery In-N-Out Burger. The course consisted of an In-N-Out style cheeseburger with all the In-N-Out fixings and A-5 Wagyu beef from Japan. Dessert was a simple baked fruit tart with frangipane and baby pears, finished off with fresh raspberries and homemade cinnamon ice cream.

The decor of the night was in the fine details; custom etched stemless wine glasses that were sold after the event, custom printed paper trays for the In-N-Out burger with the BHYC Burgee on them, and the bistro lighting hanging from above. It was a perfect showcase of the wonderful BHYC service and provided an everlasting memory.

"The presentation was as spectacular as the extraordinarily delicious food. From the Flowerpot containing edible “dirt” served with a beaker of “miracle grow” to “water” the asparagus spear causing it to shoot up 2 inches (wowing everyone) to the perfect facsimile of the IN-N-OUT Burger® meal upgraded to Wagyu beef bookending a sensational rabbit loin (did I mention Mary’s delicious pear and almond tart?), the meal was truly a culinary tour de force." - Member John Dughi

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