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Friday Night Captain's Table

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day BHYC features a Friday Night dining experience called The Captain’s Table. This is where the BHYC team transforms its Grill Room into a new culinary theme each week. These nights are particularly fun for the members because they are able to engage with the chefs out from behind the scenes. The nights feature is completely prepared in the Grill Room for the members to see. The presentation allows for the members to customize the dish to their exact desire. Interaction between the Chef’s and members allows for a comfortable atmosphere and open communication. After all, it is their home away from home.

These weekly events are not only an amazing experience for the membership, but also takes multiple departments working together to make them happen. Over the years, Friday Night Captains Tables have grown from simple table decorations to sometimes 3-4 days to stage the room transformation. The rooms are decorated from top to bottom, the Chefs have been known to dress up and play music over the speaker to match the theme of the night.

When the Summer calendar dictates a busier than normal Friday (holiday weekends and popular weekend events) the kitchen will use more entrée based Captain Tables like Sushi or Pasta & Pizza, taking pressure off the kitchen, allowing them to produce better, more detailed dishes on time to the busy dining rooms. Members have even mentioned setting their calendars for certain stations during the summer. The Captains Table also helps to control the front of the house on the busier Friday nights. Members have the option to enjoy these stations as a first course to their meal, or they may choose to have it as their entrée if they like.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Themes are chosen based on a variety of factors including popular themes from the past with the latest food trends from across the globe. Chef Rich tries to bring new cuisines and flavors every season. Suggestions from members are always welcome making members feel extra special. This year, members raved about the Sushi Bar, Raw Bar, Jersey Tomato-Fresh Mozzarella and Homegrown Basil, Pizza & Pasta and the Dim Sum & Then Some night. Every summer, the Chef brings at least three new themes to the Dining Room, keeping the experience fresh and modern.

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