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Galantines Spa Night

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Our club has continually expanded its range of facilities, with special emphasis on fitness and wellness. We have invested in our Yoga Instructor, who has obtained certification in Thai Massage, and our group fitness instructor has developed a keen interest in supplements and nutrition. Furthermore, we have recruited a massage therapist and a barber at the Club. Our objective was to showcase our staff's diverse range of skills in a fun and engaging manner that highlights their services as part of our club's offerings. This showcase event has evolved into an effective marketing tool, not just for our club, but also for our vendors. It has helped foster stronger relationships with our partners and has grown into a platform where members showcase their businesses to one another, thereby driving increased attendance and exposure. This event attracts many members seeking wellness advice from our fitness professionals and massage therapists, as well as guests attending with members to explore the full range of amenities available at our club. It has also helped us establish closer ties with local vendors in our community and our members' business’.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

We created Galantines Spa Night, an exclusive event designed for women at our club. Unlike traditional spas that offer services a la carte, we offered a flat rate entry fee for our members to receive various services. We also invited local vendors specializing in boutiques, lash companies, and wine vendors to provide complimentary services to our members. This mutually beneficial arrangement allowed us to market for these vendors at the event and gain exposure to our members, all while incurring little to no cost to the club. Our wellness employees showcased their services at a dedicated table, while the remaining tables in the ballroom were filled by other vendors. In total, 12 vendors participated, and our members enjoyed the services offered while sipping on wine and shopping at a reasonable price of $45. Galantines Spa Night proved to be a perfect night out for women, and our female club members were pleasantly surprised by the number of services they received and offered at our club. Many expressed a desire for a repeat event in the future.

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