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Golf for Life

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Medinah “Golf For Life” program is an in depth and comprehensive Grow the Game initiative that encompasses ALL categories of golfers, from the “scratch” player to the beginning and junior golfer. We believe that the yardage that individuals hit the golf ball is the starting point in determining what tees individuals should play. Our yardages have been broken into categories for males and females, using different scales of measurement for each.

The “Golf For Life” program not only identifies from what tees individuals should play, it goes one step further with measurable programs designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of each individual, as well as how this information can use this information to improve, regardless of skill level.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Whether a youngster in our Junior Program, an adult just learning the game, or a well-established, low handicapper, the “Golf For Life” program will benefit the player's game and enhance playing pleasure. In our quest to assist junior golfers as well as beginning adults, we realized that these two groups are not mutually exclusive, and with our desire to grow the game, Medinah is totally vested in this new approach to helping the experienced, as well as the novice, beginner, and junior golfers. Our “Golf For Life” approach is a systematic program that gives all golfers target goals to achieve, while allowing them to improve within the world of their own skill sets. This program contains elements that will be implemented with each golfer, regardless of age and including the accomplished golfer; all will reap benefits from this concept, as it provides a benchmark for them to accomplish goals, which translate into an improved handicap index.

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Robert Sereci, CCM

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