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Golf Guest Experience

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The 18- Hole course runs without tee times. This gives the members flexibility to drop in any time but left the golf team without any way to prepare for groups with guests. This inevitably led to inconsistent guest experiences.

The Golf Guest Experience form was created to enable the golf staff to provide a top-notch experience for members and their guests from the moment they arrive at the Club. The GGE form is available to members on the Club’s website and mobile app. The form captures the member and guest’s names, arrival times, locker needs and cart & caddie requests.

Once the form is completed, two series of emails are auto generated. The forms information is sent to the pro-shop, locker room managers and caddie manager so they may prepare for the member and guests arrival. The member and guest receive an email confirming their information and provides a link to our golf guest brochure. The brochure highlights key information the guest needs to enjoy their day at the Club; where to drop their clubs, dress code and dining options. It also contains a course map and the course history.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

With the golf guest experience form, we were able to leverage technology to create a better member experience while making the staff’s lives easier. Once created, the system was utilized throughout the golf season without requiring any staff manpower. The brochure link can also be continuously updated and modified so guests will always have up-to-date information no matter when they received the link.

The system has been widely used by the membership and has enabled the golf team to welcome guests seamlessly as they arrive. With the new process, golf member and guest satisfaction levels have risen exponentially!

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