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Golf Holiday Par 3 Event

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

The Holiday Par 3 Tournament was started in 2019 as a family-friendly event designed to get entire families out on the golf course together.

We set up the Irving Park course as a par 3, with holes between 50-125 yards. Groups played in up to 6- somes, with an emphasis on fun. We provided hot chocolate and hot cider with cookies before and after play. Additional “rules” included:

  • Play the hole as quickly as possible. Score doesn’t matter - Time yourself.
  • Each player must tee off using their face covering to cover their eyes.
  • Avoid the candy canes as you putt.
  • The team must use the drive of the youngest player in the group.
  • Each player must take turns kicking the soccer until the ball is holed.
  • Tee off using a hockey stick.

How was this idea implemented and what have been the club members' reactions?

The first year we held this event, we ended up with 92 players. In 2020, we capped the event at 100 players, and at one time had 60 on the wait list!

On a cold Saturday in December (this event is the last Saturday before Christmas), we would typically have 30-60 players. This increased our cart fee revenue and the Members had a great time!

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