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How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

As new analytics are reported about environmental issues, Fiddler’s feels a greater sense of responsibility to do our part. We began a ‘green initiative a couple years ago, and our member's passion fit right in. Although we will not feel the effects of our 'green energy switchover' within our operation, that was exactly the point. Our seamless transition to a cleaner energy will not come with a hinderance to our operation, or our members, just knowing we are helping. The instillation of water towers, however, was an opportunity to fundamentally change our members perception of what they “need”. Instead of the traditional method of stocking each golf cart with two Poland spring plastic water bottles, our members can now use their reusable bottles on the course, saving an estimated 60,000+ plastic water bottles a year. Composting was a bolder decision, since we’ve never done anything like this before. As an ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we now reuse as much of our waste-products as possible. From kitchen prep, to limited straws and cups, to grass clippings, we try to turn as much as we can into compost to then be used in our course fertilization as possible. Our garbage cart was simple, to facilitate our waste removal process. With our receptacles located throughout the property, our cart ha transformed our removal process with efficiency, and cleanliness so our members never see trash bags being carried and dripping along the way.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Tommy Donovan

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