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Growth Wine Dinner

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

BHYC took their wine dinners to the next level pairing famous works of art with wine and food this spring. Many BHYC members have traveled the world extensively and have collected fine art and wine from all over the globe. This wine dinner was a great way to bring the two ideas together and form a unique event.

Members marveled at all the fine details that went into planning the event. Members commented at how many of their friends who aren’t members would have enjoyed the dinner and are planning on them next time. Events like these bring new culture, and new guests, to the Club.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

Working with Wine Specialist Katie Califano, the BHYC team was able to come up with the perfect way to pair famous works of art with wine and cuisine. They used the location, the decade, and medium to find the best wine pairing. While some of the pairings were easy and obvious, some took a lot more research and planning.

Chef Rich Heimbuch constructed the event by choosing ten popular works of art. The next step was to sit down for a tasting with Katie Califano and find the best wine to fit the paintings. The art and wine were then narrowed down to five pairings; from those Chef Rich began to research food from the different areas around the globe where the art was created. The menus were designed in house with the works of art on one side and descriptions of the art on the other side along with wine notes and the course being served. The art work menus were placed before each course on mini easels so members could taste the wine and food as they looked at the work of art and see how they complemented each other.

The catering department took advantage of the wine dinner theme, creating a large gold picture frame that members could have their picture taken in. Props of berets, paint brushes and painters palettes were on hand for members to dress up for the photoshoot. The catering team decorated the tables with similar small works of art from the artists used from the dinner that night. White tablecloths were used on the tables as well as small petite vases filled with tulips and paint brushes.

"That dinner was certainly unique. Matching the food offerings with the artwork was very clever indeed. I was especially fond of the pairings with Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” But the lamb-chop bones set up to mimic the rams-horns was also well done. My only regret was that we didn’t have house-guests to bring along with us that evening." - Member Michael Candido

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