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Healthy Living Leads to a Healthy Environment

How has this idea enhanced your club's operation, etc.?

Fiddler’s commitment to a healthy environment runs deep and clubwide. Here are a few initiatives that are reaping great benefits:

From Food Scraps to Composting Comes the Beauty of Tulips... we are one of the few, and possibly the only club of its kind that invested in a commercial composting system and is investing in a second one. We use the machine to compost kitchen prep waste, seaweed straws and compostable to-go containers.

We are greatly reducing the use of plastic water bottles at the club by adding special water towers throughout the clubhouse and other facilities and on the golf courses.

Fiddler’s is the first private club in the world to use LOLIWARE straws. LOLIWARE is made of 100% seaweed, and is widely considered the best straw alternative on the market for environmental impact. From the sourcing of materials, to production of products, to distribution, consumption, and degradation, there is not a straw on the market that is less negatively impactful to the environment.

How was this idea implemented, and what have been the club members' reactions?

We have composted more than 30,000 pounds of waste that will NOT enter landfills. Instead, our program uses the material to grow horticulture on property such as our signature tulips enjoyed by all upon arriving at our clubhouse. We even offer composted materials to our members who may “grab a bag” to use in their own gardens. “Farm to Table” dining has been in place for years at Fiddler’s, but we are now completing the cycle with our practice of “Table to Farm” as we grow our own ingredients in our own gardens that are used for member meals.

Our Aqua Fresca Water Towers dispense the purest water available. Members love the taste and by utilizing their own reusable bottles we have already saved more than 30,000 plastic bottles from being used and ultimately polluting our oceans.

With the implementation of the LOLIWARE straws Fiddler’s staff and members can proudly say that not a single straw entered a landfill from Fiddler’s Elbow in 2022!

Fiddler’s Elbow Beaufitul Tulips

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